Fanart or Fan Dragons


Here’s a forum for fanart of dragons and perhaps fan-made dragons. People liked the idea so here you go


There is also a weekly contest for this on my website


Fanart is great! I also look for stuff on the weekends to feature on our social channels! I also love fanart because I know that I am a terrible artist and am in awe of everyone’s talent.

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@Curtis820 I actually entered last week lol

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I can’t actually paste images into this thread, which is sad. Any way I could via mobile?


I’m on an iPad, but I’ll put the screenshots for how I post pictures in the forums below in case it is the same for your mobile. I hope it helps!

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Oh, thank you so much!


Here’s a fan-piece of Aster.


Amazing ink work! That must have taken you quite a bit of time to get just right. I know because I’ve spent hours and hours on my own art trying to get it just right :laughing:

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Thank you!! It’s just years of nonstop drawing and a dying 01 micron pen. That thing gives a really good shading effect.


Your practice definately shows. I remember doing a class in college on inking using technical pens. That was tricky. Had to learn how to make your mistakes look intentional :joy::joy:

That’s why I prefer using digital media :laughing: way easier to correct mistakes. Nearly all my art now is done in Procreate using my iPad pro.


Wow, I wish I was at least decent at digital art. I think my undo button on my Wacom is broken due to using it so much…


You will see my art in the museum created in 3D, look for a FREE HOW TO COURSE in the academy within the coming weeks.
I will also have weekly webinars to answer your questions.
ALL SOFTWARE IS FREE for you to create awesome dragons.


Thank you so much! I’ve seen your entries in the weekly museum contests, they look really nice and the ideas are very inventive.

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I finished the instructional videos, now I have to create a course with their software. I would like it up and running tomorrow but we will see.

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Very excited to see this coming to the Academy!


This is the winner of my weekly contest . Congrats


I just did this one yesterday, all within Daz, no post.

Learn Daz at www, in the academy. New courses added for graphic design, free software, free learning.


Curtis, ypu have a real talent. This reminds me of my dads work. He was an acomplished artist, sydicated cartoonest in 3 countries and an author.

He practiced his pen and ink every morning. He always tried to get better.

Kepp at it, your awesome.


I think that’s @Callistorm ‘s artwork