Fantasic new Event with a shorter Breeding

Ok, after this most recent Breeding Event, I am CONVINCED that we need a brand new Event structure.


Here’s hoping this gets a lot of likes, a lot of refinements and some major PG-Attention! Feel free to put your 2 cents, or even 50 cents in!

These suggestions are basically a conglomerate of great ideas I’ve picked up from differing sources around here. If I’m plagiarizing someone, please forgive me……it’s all with the intention of making this game EVEN MORE cool!

In my very humble opinion, the Breeding Event should be 2 days AT MOST. All the action, as we know, takes place in the first half hour. The higher you get, the more this is true. I’m approaching 200 and after the first egg hatching, I get like 16 levels of prizes. Then MAYBE another one or two over the course of 4 days.
Pretty boring.
So my suggestion is two days of breeding (perhaps a little more often. Every two, three weeks?)….then a super special combo event.

Here it is:

Quest for GOLD. The Alchemists Dream.

Dragons and dragon lore were always associated with the ancient art and science of Alchemy….turning lead into gold. The Event has 7 steps, corresponding with the 7 visible planets and their seven basic metals:
Saturn-Lead, Jupiter-Brass, Mars-Iron, Venus-Copper, Mercury-Guess?(Hint:Mercury), Moon-Silver, Sun-Gold

Each level means a higher level of teamwork.

Phase 1 LEAD
Obtain your first chunk of lead by fulfilling the following mission:
Three team members all travel to the Castle Caeda. There you will find a poacher. Conquer this poacher together, as a trio and you will find your precious nugget of LEAD.

Phase 2 Brass
When five team members solo conquer bases of the same enemy team, each with a level at least 20 points higher than your team members, you will earn your precious “Nigredo” and can transform your Lead into Brass.

Phase 3 Iron
Declare and win two wars within one day with teams in your league and earn your “Rubedo”. With this secret ingredient, you can turn your Brass into Iron.

Phase 4 Copper
When each of your 50 team members contributes 500 pieces of Gold to your team castle, you have earned your “Albedo” and can transform your Iron into Copper.

Phase 5 Mercury
When your team leader and all your officers earn 3K Glory each, by attacking an adjacent caste in Atlas, you will have earned your “Hermedo” and can transform your Copper into Mercury.

Phase 6 Silver
When all your team members gather each 150K of Wind Crafting Shards, you have earned your “Albedo” and can transform your Mercury into Silver.

Phase 7 GOLD
When you win a war within 2 hours you will have earned your “Citrinas” and have completed your alchemical mission and transformed lead into Gold!

The first 5 teams that achieve this win significant prizes:

Among these include:
1K to 5K Seasonal Sigils for each team member.
20K Gold for your teams Castle.
40K Rubies
A special gift from PG, direct from the Store
Special mention in our Dragon Wars Blog
60 Gold Chests


I’m sorry but nothing about this sounds even vaguely appealing. Mostly just sounds like a complicated mess with no fun and no challenge. Not to mention it only caters to the <1% that has Atlas.


Not everyone only breeds one dragon per breed event. Lots of people breed 2-4 drags a breed event and we need time to level, feed and breed those dragons. Not only that, but for people without token bonus, those are their only 5 days with double tokens and you’re suggesting severely cutting that down.
You’re event sounds interesting like a scavenger hunt, but what about those without atlas? There are more teams without atlas than with.


Breeding needs to be long enough for people to get done more than 1 breed. This is quite common, at least up through platinum. It is only once players reach sapphire that things really slow down

Yeah, don’t mess with the length of breeding. Like others have said all 5 days are necessary if you are going after multiple dragons. And the extra eggs are nice for those who don’t have the breeding token boost.


If the one bred in the event is used for another breeding, most likely they will breed more in a few days after the first dragon.
IMO, the length of breeding event is perfect for now.


My two cents worth, I Guess most players had other life commitments as family friends and work. Is not just about the game. That suggestion may need to be refined, good if that was stretched over few weeks. But let’s not mixed up wars with atlas events. Wars are essential to keep in place where I can choose not to do atlas events.

For breeding I second the last few comments, if you breed one, may need the one to get breedable within a day? That sounds like getting ppl not to play this game anymore as is too tiring. I had tried getting 4 drags and each to get breedable within that 5 days and it sucks. Can’t imagine how is if it was 2 days.

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I like the concept and story. I don’t like that it’s Atlas-centric. I don’t see how/why this would be a replacement of sorts for Breeding event.

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It’s worse if you’re breeding higher tier dragons. I got ursa this last breed and grinded him to lvl 12 so I could back breed Mehaten. Over 5 days it wasn’t so bad. If the event was just 2 days long, I would have needed 111 additional runs after multipliers, or 56 additional runs after multiplers if I used a +100% xp boost, or 37 runs after multipliers with at +200% xp boost. That is way more grinding that I’d like to put in, and as an Elite only player, I’d rather save my rubies for the super sigil chests at the end of the season then buying a bunch of +200% xp boosts.


Easy for rare, harsh for epic, and insane for legendaries and mythic.
I don’t know any idea to train those above rare without burning rubies / exp potions / heal potions / speedups within breeding event.

This sounds an awful lot like housework.

I think they should combine feeding and breeding events!


I personally say leave breeding alone!
You may not need more than a few hours or days to get what you want, but I have needed and used all 5 days in every breeding event in this season.

What you’ve proposed here seems to be like dragon trials, which most people whom where around back then say was horrible and should never return.

No. No one needs the stress of trying to find scarce food to level their dragon on top of trying to grind their dragon to get xp. It would be insane


On my main, level 132, this past breeding I bred Sekhem on day 1. Hatched, used all my xp pots to get to level 7. Then ran the 3 multis and 1 extra run all with a 200% xp boost to get him breedable to breed apophet on the last day. Had this been a 2 day event, there is no way I could have (reasonably) gotten this accomplished. Sure, if I spent 16 hours a day running XP runs and using lots more 200% boosts it IS possible, but not something I want to deal with.

My team had plenty to do with helping each other with XP runs, and also the many wars that were declared during the breeding. Personally, I like not having a PvP even where I can have some “down time” and not have to be glued to my phone every week.

And if we move breeding to every 2 weeks, guess what, everyone will only have HALF of the breeding tokens so instead of breeding 1 dragon an event once you get to sapphire wall, it will be one dragon every 2 events if you are lucky. And only half the prizes.


Leave breeding as is… Nothing wrong with it… People breed 2-3-4 dragons per event and need time to get each to breeding level in order to breed next.

Thank you

(This has been discussed before)

As far as new event proposition: As already mentioned it caters to maybe 5% of players that have atlas.


What about all of us lowly players that don’t have access to atlas? Also what if you have low levels in your team that are getting 40k rubies and 60gold chests? That would be chaos. As @Coach said just leave the breeding event alone.

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PLEASE don’t shorten breeding. I need all the time I can get to level the first dragon I hatch to breedable so I can breed a second dragon. Thank you!

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Sounds like a good way to integrate Atlas with the basic game. Sooner or later many more will have atlas and teamwork is, at least for me, a major part of the fun. Plus, I got to admit, even at my level 140, Breeding gets old fast. Maybe spread the prizes out so all the action doesn’t happen in the first 20 minutes.

What do you mean by “spread prizes out”? If you mean make them more difficult to achieve or a greater space between them I don’t see a need for that.