Fare Thee Well!


I swear if it’s a rick roll I’ll lose it


I’m just curious if I have a good intuition or no)


This is why we all need to play with our eyes open. Why do you keep playing? Ask yourself that then decide your next action.


I’ve narrowed it down to one singular possibility. I’m a complete and utter moron who desires to be abused by my captors. Nothing else really fits.


Masochistic Stockholm Syndrome? Sounds expensive.


I’ve been told it’s trendy


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I already have a bad day, I saw :t_rex:’s farewell, and now you… We never talk but I loved read your comments. Don’t know what to say more than I’m sad and I will miss you.
I wish you the best in your next adventure.


You want any company to take care of a cheat/bug right away? Make it public and accessible to the entire player base. Watch how fast they fix it.

For the record, I had a friend who was banned in the the last ban wave, he is currently in the same team, under the same name that he was banned as, using basically the same cheats. lvl 330 now and only is been like 5-6 months since the last wave?

I haven’t reported him, idk if any1 else has, I kind of want to see how long it takes until PG bans him.


If he does it right, he’s undetectable.


Ill leave once I hit lv 300(or whenever this game goes to shit, whichever comes first.)


It’s always sad to see someone who has invested so much money in this game, not to mention patience, dedication, and time, just walk away from the game. Best of luck to you Savage.:blush:


I kinda want to make an account just for testing cheats on. Will be fun to see how long I can get away with it.


@Prometheus Just testing your willpower. :slightly_smiling_face:


He was lurking here about an hour ago… I know because he was the first person to like the comment I tagged him in over on the “make a left handed UI” thread.


Well, I’m late :confused:
But I’m glad you’re now free my friend :hugs:


Farewell to another :beers:


Take care and God bless buddy. Won’t be the same forums without you.


I am disturbed by how many of these types of posts are starting to pop up. The reasoning behind these departures make sense and is really disheartening.

PG, what are you doing to retain your current players?


Absolutely nothing