Farewell - the best ever - GOAT


Something everyone has been waiting for - @Ragnar video archive.

(p.s. he says he’s quitting - tell him NO!)
(p.p.s hit play all to see all the vids - for some reason Youtube only shows latest 10 on the page)

Time shift on Hau
Learning To Use the Best dragon in the game

Let me get some F’s in the chat please… Sad day.

Change the title and remove “maybe” lol…


Done - and there are not enough F’s to fill this space right now… :cry:




Grumpy…you work fast :man_facepalming:t2:, there goes subtlety haha. Thanks tho, bud :facepunch::wave:.


No need for subtlety when you’re QUITTING :cry:


Keep it real out there, Ragnar. We’ll miss you and your rad flying skills. :facepunch: :t_rex:


And now everyone knows it …
Just when I thought I caught hold of you, you pull this off :expressionless:


WD is losing one of the best flyers in the game with no exaggeration :sob:


I know Rag doesn’t like to publicise himself, so maybe that’s why the reaction on this thread is so poor, but seriously guys, here is one of the best ever, if not the best ever, retiring. No more lessons on Hau tricks. Everything is in the link I posted. Sad day indeed.

If you appreciate Rag and his flying, if you have learnt from him, if you think you can learn from his videos, if you just appreciate good players, then come on here and say a big THANK YOU to him for showing us what’s possible. Vanguard tier? Pfft. Watch Hau rip through those level 65 towers like they don’t exist.


You’re going to be missed. Your videos really helped me learn how to fly Hau better than if I’d never found your stuff. (I still need lots of practice though :laughing:)


Ragnar - Thank you for Hau skills and best of luck for your next challenge :sweat_smile:


‘‘Tis a sad day indeed.
Probably never get to see another “nerf hau” post again. One of the funniest threads ever :joy:
Good luck bud.




Goodluck mate I never flew with you but I have seen your videos and bow to your skill. Best of luck in all endeavours


Just went and reread that whole thing.
Still hilarious.


Really sad to see you go Ragnar :cry:. You and your videos will both be missed. Who is supposed to keep Cloak on his toes now?


RUGGGGGGYYYYYYY, you bastard! :sob:


Haha I have a feeling @C104k will manage just fine as long as he doesn’t get bored too.

To the rest, thanks a lot for the sentiments and well wishes :bowing_man:t2:‍♂️, it’s much appreciated.

Oh, and @RogueRonin, stop tryna make that name stick :expressionless::joy:. Drop kicks


Never flew with you, and am bummed I will never have the opportunity. Best of luck in your endeavors ahead, Ruggy! :grin: