Farewell - the best ever - GOAT


Hey Ragnar, I’ll miss you in LC. Best wishes to you and the missus.


All the best man.

You’ll be missed.




Thanks for sharing. I have so many questions, but already some ideas to try with my current babies from trying to work out what I’m looking at.


Will miss you rag king of hau


Who will I share my grape goober with now :sob:


you’ll be fine, just keep eating your damn goober :roll_eyes: so dramatic


It’s time to buff Hauheset! My game is about to lose a player we should never lose.

Sorry to see you go! I only know your Hau tricks secondhand, but you’ve always come across as a funny and levelheaded guy.


Two things:

  1. Goober is UNNATURAL and I’d never eat it. Don’t you put that on me, Ricky Bobby.
  2. Grape aspires to be as good as strawberry.

Case closed.


New Seasonal Dragon for Fall


  • Master of Time (Grants Temporal Shards, used to cast Rewind or stay alive for several seconds after death. Can use 3 times instead of twice)

  • Noxious Vines

  • Enfeeble

  • Time Shift


Why are you leaving? Is it permanent or for a sabbatical? :flushed:


Why we need enfeeble if we have vines?
Won’t Death gaze be better? Or even sacrifice…


Enfeeble kills more stuff.


Permanent is the intent.


Intent doesn’t always match reality (hint hint :wink: )


Well I’m sad to read any legendary player is leaving the game, but I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon this thread as it lead me to Ragnar’s epic Hau videos. I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to Hau and looking to improve his usefulness in my roster. Talk about inspirational flying vids. I think I’ve found my new YouTube obsession.

Best of luck to you, Ragnar.


Haha just what was still on my phone from my last run (1) back to when I last cleaned my phone in January. Should have everything in there at some point. Hope it helps :wave:.


Sometimes our intent is hard to decipher. A litmus test would be … are you willing to give up your name? It is special.

If the answer is “No”, then maybe a hiatus is what you really need. :hugs:


Definately sad day. Best of luck


So we can call him lord shaggy breeches from now on?