Farewell - the best ever - GOAT


How did you master your multi-tower sanding skills?? What is this magic?!?


There are threads out there that highlight all the multi hit areas for the different islands.


I wonder why it was shaggy :thinking:


Same with everything - practice.
And no, I’m keeping the name (unless someone wants it that bad :eyes::moneybag::joy:).


Wouldn’t you have to keep the account active to keep the name?


After enough time passes, players can ask PG to use names of inactive players. I did this once.



p.s. give me your name


Periodically signs in to keep the account low active and ensure Ron NEVER gets my name :expressionless:


Hey Rag - how about some Gold for your name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spotted him in my LC … and bookmarked him :rofl:


Stalker :eyes:


Yup. Gonna get his name before you do :smirk:

I’ll put it on my alt and give it back to him when he comes out of retirement.


:joy: We’ll see about that haha :joy:


It’s not just inactive. They won’t give you the name until the account has been inactive for 30 days (give or take).

And logging in for just one moment would start that over.

But if you really want it, I suppose eventually he’ll forget to log back in soon enough.


Definitely petty enough to reinstall once a month :joy:


Like you uninstalled :sunglasses:


He’s just in denial. Give him a few weeks he’ll be back.


You have wannabes already:

Fear not.

He died, so I know it wasn’t you. :wink:


:eyes: pictured some different Xs when you said wannabe lmao


Damn, didn’t catch that one >:(