Farewell - the best ever - GOAT


How did you master your multi-tower sanding skills?? What is this magic?!?


There are threads out there that highlight all the multi hit areas for the different islands.


I wonder why it was shaggy :thinking:


Same with everything - practice.
And no, I’m keeping the name (unless someone wants it that bad :eyes::moneybag::joy:).


Wouldn’t you have to keep the account active to keep the name?


After enough time passes, players can ask PG to use names of inactive players. I did this once.



p.s. give me your name


Periodically signs in to keep the account low active and ensure Ron NEVER gets my name :expressionless:


Hey Rag - how about some Gold for your name? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spotted him in my LC … and bookmarked him :rofl:


Stalker :eyes:


Yup. Gonna get his name before you do :smirk:

I’ll put it on my alt and give it back to him when he comes out of retirement.


:joy: We’ll see about that haha :joy: