Farewell - the best ever - GOAT


Aaa,:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: these videos will help me learn, hope you will surprise us from time to time, all the best and thank you


No prob, hope they do :+1:.



p.s. give me your name


…give me 5 thousand and 2 dollars + some big league chew and orange tic tacs.


I’ll pay you 10 trillion dollars. Deal?


Just to keep this topic opened …


Oh, hey, it’s you :0 Why though? Ragnar’s quit, people have said bye, and he himself isn’t exactly coming back anytime soon…


I think Dosada may have mistaken our team’s emerging status as a vacation resort for retired, distinguished WD personalities for Ragnar actually sticking around.

He was only with us for a day. I had the pleasure of flying with him a few times and cleaned with Enki. I can say I did a semi-competent job, by which I mean I hit all my double/triple death gazes (on the completely sanded and nonthreatening towers, so zero time pressure) and dodged all fire flak explosions (literally the only dangerous thing, after his lead). We did manage to 5-flame a 460. :+1:


Ragnar for #1 Merc


There’s a rich tradition of Viking lords excelling at mercenary work, e.g.:

and in particular:

Sadly, it didn’t even occur to me to start a war. If I’d chosen my target well enough, I’d have gotten the chance to combine the It’s Time To Nerf Hauheset thread with the Controversial Tactic Condoned By PG thread. :open_mouth: Maybe it’s just as well; maybe the forums aren’t built to contain such greatness.


Lmao y’all are funny. And you seemed very composed in follows, Tinsir. Good job :+1:, was fun shaking off some rust with ya.


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