Farewell war dragons


Less than a mile away from me, there’s a massive fire at a chemical works. and right next to that, there’s a nuclear power plant. Oh fuck it’s gonna be like Chernobyl…
I love you war dragons, even the PG employees, if I don’t return, please remember me.
Love jade :heart:


Nuclear power plants in America can handle a freakin airplane crash… you will be fine😐


What about uk? And nope not been told to evacuate yet so here we are


You are going to be fine, and this better not be another one of “those” threads😑


You might grow a third arm, I bet your flying improves.


Not funny I’m fucking scared


Was a forum thread nesscary for this then?


It’s off topic lol.
And I said I am probs not gonna be back.


If youre scared…your first reaction was to make a forum post lol


I mean you have experience with the forums being a hostile place…what made you think anything changed :joy:


Nothing better to do lol. Still got internet and an addiction to war dragon so


Even in your supposed “final” moments you seek the attention🤔humans what a peculiar species


I could be wrong but I dont think your personal crisis is going to make the game die. PG can do that all on their own without help from a nuclear meltdown.


So can dread :joy:


You are incorrect, we are currently second by a lot in Atlas, we are practically homeless.


Lol why aren’t u in a car driving 200 mph, running for your life. “Nothing better to do, still got internet connection and an addition to war dragons so.” Lol ok


You’d have thought something like that would have made the news already…:thinking:


FYI we are in uk and my area is poor af lol
And me the car only goes 146 mph.
And we’ve not been evacuated yet so…


One last day with Ettin


You need a bed?