Farewell war dragons


I assume you refer to the inability to access atlas and not to the status of your fortresses. :smiley:


And the UK news has nothing at all about any fire. Tonight’s highlights include Lego making too many bricks. You should complain about lack of coverage…


Welp I guess this thread answers my question


Does king dread fart really badly? Like how’s many thongs does he go through a day?


@ineverdefend WD addicts would ride hau and spam the sand button with your 6th finger that u got! All the nuclear plants will be sanded and you can timeshift…back in time! Spend an eternity in the living posting on the WD forums!


Sounds like heaven :heart_eyes:
Everything is silent near me weird


Will the 8th time finally be the charm?


Dunno, you guys should want me alive not dead lol


You sure this is the same person?


So they’re forcing gentrification, pretty smart tactic by the government

You’re property value will go up, I’ll let you know if you’re no longer there


Thanks Hun. Just please don’t look in my underwear drawer…


It’s like you predicted the future, 3 days ago you were “going out in a blaze of glory.”

I’d say farewell, but we say goodbye every 3 days and it never really sticks anyways so… ill skip it on this attention seeking post.


Aren’t you 14? :flushed:. No grown man should wanna look at your undies :face_with_monocle:


Exactly! But I don’t trust dreadnought…


What is going on with the younguns nowadays? :woman_facepalming:


Exactly! I don’t trust you.


Lmao saaaame. I’m getting makeup tutorials tomorrow :innocent:
If I live…


@PGJared @PGCrisis can we just close this one as a repeat thread? :thinking:


@ineverdefend liked the post that was saying to close the thread :rofl::rofl:


I have to applaud your commitment, “death” imminent and your go tos are forum posts and makeup tutorials. I feel like those two just beat out your twerk video marathon.