Farm heal loop error (supershots bug)

Has anybody encountered a situation where farms and mills go on a weird heal loop when defended by the computer?

It’s one after another after another…no limit.

I’m not saying it’s cheating, it’s definitely something wrong with the AI.


Kinda touched on in this post, but I don’t think that was his main complaint:

Looks like this:


Put a Sorc on your perch and yours will to
sometimes :joy:

Apophet was on mine for the longest time…Makes them a lot stronger with an endless amount of supershots

Weird part is that it will not do it every time :thinking:

Any theories as to what makes it happen (sorc on perch obviously is a req)? I have a theory it only works on the second dragon.

I’ve had that happen on a lead dragon as well before. No video though.


A defender that leaves in the middle of a battle can trigger it too.

Perfect video capture. :+1:

That’s nuts

Had same with mages
Get 6 ss from one of them :joy_cat:
Slow down my dragon to see,how much times it will hit me)

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While we’re on the subject of supershots…

Why does a base AI get them replenished when the defender quits?

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That is a ton of supershots. I’ve had an absurd amount of heal shots happen to me before when flying an undefended base but nothing as extreme as that. :t_rex:

I have seen this to be the case. Defender activates 5 supershot in the defense and quits immediately and AI gets more super shots.

I will quit defending now part way through so the farms get supershots just to hope they don’t 5 flame it and save my hammers.

Its insanely frustrating when farms machine gun heal like that…

Doesn’t the AI only have a limited number of supershots to fire off? Therefore this would be something that absolutely shouldn’t happen? I’ve heard the AI number is five but I don’t think that’s quite right. :t_rex:

This would be a perfect question for someone who does digging in the game files. I’d say email support and ask but…:joy:


I have had that happen. Haven’t been able to get my crap together quick enough to get a video of it. I will try to do it next time. But there is definitely a bug that is causing it to happen sometimes and I can’t figure out the exact trigger. Very frustrating.

I don’t know but I think it has something to do with the refund your SS in 25% Less time.
And instead of working properly sometimes it just constantly refunds the SS, making them heal non stop?

Atleast that’s the only thing that makes a little
sense. Lol

But the Sorcs do several things to SS especially the Mythic ones so maybe it’s a combination of one of the 2 that makes it constantly heal.
Obviously it’s a glitch/bug because like the video above I’ve just sat there and watched it constantly heal all 4 over and over again with an endless amount of SS.

Yes it does when AI takes over but that’s not always the case…Because I’ve watched plenty of replays with no defenders and same thing.

Haha yeah :rofl: @SavageAFforPG you want in on this if you ain’t here already? Lol :t_rex: