Farm levels at obsidian eggs

Ok I am a little confused here. Just got the rest of the obsidian eggs I needed to max my builder for that level and noticed that you only get 2 levels on your farms in the obsidian tier. Is this really intentional? Why is this such a break from the pattern of the past? For level 36 builder hut you get zero levels on your farms. I’m a little confused by this and would like some clarification.

Sorry to say, but get used to it.

I’m tired of getting used to being beaten over the head by PG’s incompetence to do even the simplest things like count. I’m tired of trying to improve a game that has made their company millions of dollars. I guess I’m just plain tired. After 3.5 years you’d think they could do a simple thing like make sure the farms are evenly distributed over the egg tiers. 2 levels for Obsidian and 12 levels for Harbringer and Vanguard. My 8 year old could see that isn’t correct.

But alas it is the same situation I have found myself in over and over again over the years. Dumbfounded by the stupid little things that make it through the cracks.

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