Farm Resource Protection - Broken?

Theres a lot of previous discussion on this topic but as far as I can see it is only in relation to the storage building. I am aware that the storage building RSS protection does not work as intended for a long time with no fix in sight.

But is the farms RSS protection also broken?

I logged in this morning, after having applied a lumber boost last night, expecting to find full farms or at least a decent amount. As it turned out I had been raided only minutes before I logged in. I found that my lumber yards were completely empty. Like NONE (less than 1K).

Arent they supposed to protect a certain amount? I have done the research for Hidden Lumber Piles 1 and 2, which should boost lumber yard resource protection by 15%. I suppose 15% of zero is still zero, but I feel like the research IMPLIES that there is some non-zero protection.

Is the farm protection broken? Or is it supposed to work this way?

Not sure about the “supposed to” but for me the ONLY protection I ever get is if the resource has been harvested and placed into storage.

The reptilian portion of my brain remembers something being said in the old forums by PG saying this is the intent but I can’t access them any longer.

Protection works on storage only (in a wrong way, but still). Lumber and food on Mills / Farms are not protected and, as I remember, never was. So you need to collect the resources from them regularly.

If that is true, then what do the lumber mill and sheep farm protection researches items do exactly??

@Arelyna @PGCrisis @PGMichael What does the above research do? Can you confirm that farms in fact have no protection at all? Does the research simply increase zero protection by 10%? (Hint: 10% of zero is still zero)


Heh hope they answer this time round.

We asked the same around a year ago and got crickets.

As for the lumber boost/food boost

  • if you stay ingame it protects the extra 30% including on farms and mills
  • if you logout your farms/mills can literally be raided to 0

Its a bug, was posted before but as i said, crickets


Posting to keep this active

The way I understand it, farms have no native resource protection. Banks have resource protection, I was under the impression research increase the rate that the bank protects. 10% of 0 is still 0…at-least that’s how the math works in my head. This is not including what Gox brought up about the use of boosts. The research existed before the boosts were in-game.

EDIT: I would also add, that PG sometimes doesn’t have the right technical description for in-game mechanics. Example: Kinnarus’ guardian doesn’t lower incoming damage by 30%, it restores 30% of the damage taken.

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