Farming chests during feeding event

The feeding event sure would be a lot more fun if I could at least farm chests while I wait to feed my perch. Thanks for the random 10 gems, but I would much rather have chests. And before anyone says this is a duplicate post, I search and didn’t see anything related to chest drops during feeding event except a few closed ones from months ago.

PS: I was bored so I made a picture of a cute little bored kitty reaching for a chest, but since the original bored kitty meme was not my original I was scared of posting, so just use your imagination :wink:

Post the kitty :cat: please!

If rubies are dropping instead of chests, try force closing, if that doesn’t fix it, then try reinstalling, and if those don’t work, make a ticket.


You should be getting chests during the event. Try what Lutrus suggested



What? I just assumed no chest drops during event. I have closed and reopened several times since last night, I might try reinstalling. I hate the support ticket process, so hopefully none of that.

I love it!

Old but…

I had this once, reinstall fix it instantly

sometimes just a clear cache and data fixes on Android.

I’m on iphones, and both my accounts are still doing it after re-installing…guess its support ticket time :sob:

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Just to update…I am now getting chests!! I uninstalled and reinstalled 2 times on one device/account and 3 on the other, but both are working now.

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Good times…


Yep, I’m just glad I was able to fix it with only one full day of no chests. I wouldn’t want to make a ticket and take the time off someone over at support. You know they are going to be super crazy busy if they have an Atlas rollout this week. Those always go soooo well! :smirk:

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