Farming egg tokens without Ember lvl 1

Hello everyone,

Just making a post to gather opinions and ask questions from the community. I tried search function but can’t find any threads about this, so hopefully I’m not duplicating…

I’ve recently started practice effective egg tokens farming. I know that there is a guide made by Mechengg about this somewhere (a big thank you to @mechengg for the document), but the infomation in it doesn’t address how to farm without Ember level 1, if I recall correctly. My Ember is currently level 6, so I’m substituting him for a level 5 Kastor (lock down is a low rage cost spell and he has fast heal time, like many other red dragons) with equipped Reverse projectile instead when doing missions.

This is my procedure for token farming. It would be really appreciated if everyone can let me know if there is anything that needs improvement :slight_smile:

  1. Store all towers except for farms and mills (Credit to Mech for this info)
  2. Send an email to MsMersy, Freexp280 (for missions that require a certain amount of damage) and MissionBase (For level 1 towers. I might have gotten the name incorrect… I remember it’s from team XpfarmLoosesx1)
  3. Clear the dragon roster by going to the dragon den and inactivate all dragons except Kastor
  4. Send all rss away (Credit to guide)
  5. Attack bases by going to the sent mail section
  6. Speed up missions with the first mission being speed continuously, the middle misson after it has dropped to 2-hr or less of wait time, the last mission when it has dropped to 4-hr or less of wait time (Again, credit to the guide)

If there is a mission that requires attacking multiple bases, I’ll use the upper left corner button after the battle is over to attack MsMersy from the list of bookmark instead of going back to the base first.

My greatest concern for this is mission type that require damage output. I’m trying to figure out the most effective way to get consumable Reverse Projectile.
The two options are Forging (directly spend timers on spell) and buying, which cost 2k tokens for 50 spells as the best value option.
Reverse projectile cost less (using hr/ruby as unit) compare to buying timer pack with rubies. I wonder still if the total gain of 3hr and 1hr drops from monuments, gold and bronze chests would make forging with timers on hand a better option. Spending an extra 2k rubies for 4k tokens seems like a lot to me…
My math can be very wrong and I might not have factored in everything possible, so I’m reaching out to the community’s math wizard for help with this part🙏

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I leave one storm tower out to dilute the pesky “loot x resource” missions.

I also use Draco for all my farming. I don’t have a lvl1 Ember either (mine’s level 14 lol) so that’s the best I can do. I equip Reverse Projectiles on him for the damage missions. As for forging: I forge RP and healing potions in a pattern to get 'em. I’m not as active lately so my potions supply isn’t too much of a concern and I want to stockpile my RP spells, at least until I find a better option. I started a thread that had some tips in it by various players; I’ll go find it for you.
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That thread is locked…

Were you responding to me or to Nyx? Bc I know mine is locked :man_shrugging: :t_rex:

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Was directed to Nyx, figured you would know your own thread is locked haha.

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I haven’t had damage missions for so long I’ve forgotten when the last time was. Maybe if the dragons are expert you don’t get them?

Can’t be true, my Draco is expert (lvl 10, lol) and I get them all the time. :t_rex:

Maybe they turn off after a certain amount of damage has been done by the dragon. I use ember and my main strike force so maybe that’s the trigger.

I doubt it but that’d be interesting to investigate :thinking: :t_rex:

That seems unlikely, considering higher tier dragons have significantly higher damage outputs.

I wonder if @mechengg knows?

Random can also coincide with long long time.
I know of a person who didn’t get do damage of x using particular dragon for more than a year till recently.

you can use level 2 bolt if you dont mind wait for 2 minutes in defeat base mission (if not specific, use draco then put him away again)

doesnt it cost less time to forge healing potion than reverse spell? If it is, you just need a death gaze dragon of any level. if you forge spell for doing damage mission, draco level 10 has 6s healing. the doing number of time spell can be done on fairyknight base.

By the way, I want another dragon like enki. How much healing time at level 1 Numen get if unharm? Will I have his egg immediately after I spend rubies?

all expert 4 death gaze dragons :see_no_evil:

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nice, I only expert enki and habrok. I dont even use habrok because of long healing time, I use ember and bolt.
I think numen would be great if healing time is reasonable because he has death gaze at level 1 and cloak at level 2

I tried it and bought Numen recently. His heal time is 16 minutes at all lvls untill he is expert then its 32 minutes.


Wow, that’s pretty terrible. Thanks for the info :smiley:

Also, just to be clear, is that 16m without taking any damage?

(Re: to TheKAT that isn’t showing up)

I load my roster fully with

  • 3 big hunters who kill invader with full healthbar (30 min heal time)
  • Draco for the x bases killed missions
  • Bolt Numen Enki Ember (lvl14 :roll_eyes:) for deathgaze
  • Nyrdyr Iteru, for umbral spike

I open both small and medium mission to save potions (potions are my weak link in this game) and run untill 8/10 drags are sleeping. then I go do something else in real life for about 30 minutes and run again.

I know it is not ideal, but only draco just kept giving me loot and damage missions. And it would not be the first time that I follow a teammate for an xp run to find out Draco has to kill lvl 45+ invader towers. With those big hunters in i at least combine my daily invader runs and helping teammates while running eggmissions.
It is less of a hassle that way.

yes, no damage heal, correct.

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