Farming event B4 PVP

I know this has been discussed in numerous threads but at what point is PG gonna listen?
Increase drop rates and give a base to farm for chests during the farming phase.

I don’t think PG will change it. We all know that treasure hunt phase is the worst way to farm chests.

Best way to farm chests is in the event.

They were discussing 2x chest drop in treasure hunt phase which would of been a nice start. The trial of it worked pretty well.

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Improvement of the hunt phase has been put up for this last round of community suggestions.

And we have had improved drop density during a hunt phase in the past.
And so I don’t see why we can’t make that adjustment immediately!

Pg this is the second hunt phase with zero adjustments since the community voted to have it looked at ……
We don’t need you to reinvent the wheel here!
Just make it +2 bronze for now …….
You can produce something “fancy” later.


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PG has introduced 2x chests drops after their FU, but I’ve only seen it once.

Yes they improved drop density to compensate players for a event mis start in the past and while there’s probably 10 other ways to improve the hunt phase at this point they could have just turned up density and call it good.
At least until more time and employee resources are available to re work and freshen up the hunt phase.

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