Farming People For Resources

Maybe this will help people from quiting game… If you could make the food and wood to fill up the meter instead of is having to click it to receive it the game would be a little better. Whoever loses their resources wouldn’t be so mad and start crying :blush::+1:

This category is for you to suggest changes to the game, whether it’s in relation to the Dragons, bases, towers, PVP events, War runs, or anything you’d like to discuss.

People are quitting the game for more than just the (relatively) minimal issue of resource farming… lol. That being said, I have no idea what you’re suggesting here. :t_rex:

Dude read what I said instead of having to click the resources to collect it have it fill the meter :thinking:

I did. Are you saying you want the resources to be collected automatically? Sorry, I’m not understanding. :t_rex:

Your storage hut, while protected, only protects a small portion. So they’re still stealable.

And at some point, the farms will fill up your storage hut, and keep making more, which then makes you an EVEN bigger target than if you had full farms and empty storage.

So :man_shrugging: won’t help you one iota.


Just want to add.
By having to manually collect food (wood is the same), we can choose to raid and get maxed food much faster than having to wait for fully filled farms.

they should quit the game because clearly this is not the right game for them to play, I would suggest something like subway surf or candy crush. in here everything is about attacking and defending, raiding resource for building a better base


It will be an issue,during fort and feeding

Farming part
I can farm ppl if they are totally a$$h0les
And then I won’t care if they have rss or no :joy_cat:
If someone farming you for rss repeatedly-you are holding them too much
Get rid of this silly habit and problem will be solved :woman_shrugging:t2::full_moon_with_face:

It is a known tactic before Feeding and Forti events people farm their resources to max while having their resource building full. When the event starts they can use the rss they have and immediately replenish by collecting from mills and farms.




@Ri0tMaker most has already been said, but there are a few more things to consider as you don’t seem to understand how claiming resources works:

The resources produced in your farms and mills are worth more to you than to your enemy if you have elite.
The reason is that while the resources are in your farms and mills, they have their base amount. Once you claim them, they are multiplied by your elite bonus (indicated by the green bonus percentage when claiming).

On top of that, a certain amount in your resource buildings is protected (unless you use a production boost which will in turn triple your storage protection). So basically, having part of your resources in your storage and another part in your resource buildings will give more overall protection to your resources than having them all in your storage immediately.


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