Farming vs bullying?

This might seem REALLY obvious to most, but I feel like there’s a fine line here. I have players on my team who occasionally complain about being “farmed” or “bullied”, and when I look into it…it usually seems benign.

What, in your opinion, constitutes farming? It it simply INTENTIONALLY and REPEATEDLY hitting the same base…or does does it also depend on circumstances? (Example: Player on other team is doing a x5 revenge quest and it wasn’t anything personal)

And at what point does farming become bullying?

Just curious to see people’s thoughts.

Farming imo is hitting the same person over and over to steal all of their resources, or because you want to annoy that player.

Doing a revenge quest is ok, but I would suggest to use Ember and quit the attack right away so you aren’t actually taking anything from the same player 5 times in a row.


I thought farming = bullying :face_with_monocle:

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For me it stands like this:
Farming: you attack a player for RSS, every once and then
Bullying: you attack someone insistently regardless of rss

Edit: farming for egg quests is also a yes, if you find a good compromise on tower type and rss


That makes sense to me, too.

@Sam that’s why I’m asking!

I seem to be completely desensitized to this. Farming doesn’t really bother me, but maybe it’s just because I’ve never had somebody really come after me day after day. I’m sure it would get annoying, but I never considered that in itself bullying.

But when I see people send out threatening emails, or getting other players involved, obviously it feels like a different line has been crossed.

Thanks for the input

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It’s safer to hit them once and delete the bookmark. :slightly_smiling_face:

During a rss event: farming doesnt really exist, if you are sitting on rss then you should expect them to be taken. Doesnt matter if 1 person hits you 5 times or 5 people hit you 1 time each. I almost never bother hitting someone that is on (that’s going to be hard now until they fix the green light indicator) since it’s usually a waste of time

Outside of a rss event: generally hitting someone multiple times a day and completing the attack. If you’re doing revenge quests then you start and drop and leave it as 0% destroyed. But if you’re completing the attack and trying to take their rss and have already done so that same day then you’re farming.

Bullying to me is pretty much the same as farming but without having a good reason and refusing to stop even after someone has asked you to. If you hit someone 10 times because their team stupidly declared war on one of the farm teams then that’s not bullying, that’s community justice. If you hit someone 10 times just because you’re mad at them for leaving your team (assuming they didnt team jump in the middle of a war or event) and you’ve been asked to stop then that would be bullying/harassment.


Same understanding here.

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Bully usually indicates one side is weaker than the other

Farming is usually Repeated hits, fairly frequent to the same person/same team. Players on Both sides don’t have to have the power imbalance like bullying does.

Kind of a difference without much distinction. Practice flying on them if they defend, it’s better than having friends spending time to do so

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All about the circumstances. I see a lot of people cry bully when they pick a fight but then realize they can’t win :roll_eyes::woman_shrugging:t2:
But sometimes you get people who try to play “polite” and aren’t used to repeat hits and if they encounter one of the players who like it rough it can get ugly

Imo bullying is one-sided and with malicious intent, usually with a significant power imbalance. It’s not bullying if the “victim” is throwing insults or if the attacker is just doing missions/rss/etc and isn’t purposefully trying to bother the target


It’s a war game…attacking anybase at anytime is within the rules. Bullying would be threatening emails or chat with personal attacks.


Why ppl even bother?
I mean…if someone getting on your nerves Atlas opened a lot of ways to show that you are not happy :joy_cat:

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Nobody gets “bullied”…people complain too much.

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Farming, to me, would be hitting someone repeatedly multiple times a day without discernible reason (ex. it’s outside of an RSS event and they have very little to gain from you overall).
I don’t think “bullying” happens when someone’s just attacking you. This is a war game, it’s what people do. It becomes bullying/harassment if hurtful (“hurtful” is up to opinion, I guess) words are exchanged. :t_rex:

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It’s possible to change from farming into hitting buddies :sunglasses:


If you storing your rss how it even affects you :woman_shrugging:t2:
They wasting their time,lol

This one time, someone was farming our officer … a married pastor. She sent him mean in-game mail that morphed into flirting mail. Poor guy was confused and at a loss of how it got that way. For some peeps raiding = flirting :roll_eyes:


And potions and spells and … :joy:

:joy: people gets creative Hahahaha

I love how you put it :heart_eyes_cat:
Hitting buddy sounds absolutely great :joy_cat: