Farms Regenerating after tower is destroyed

I am confused to why after the Rune is destroyed with the tower, the farms can regenerate?

The only reason they can regenerate is because of the Rune, but the Rune was destroyed when the tower was destroyed.


So many misconceptions in one post.

Farms don’t need runes to use AI supershots. Supershots will occur every 3 seconds.

Destroying a rune tower doesn’t destroy the rune’s effects.

What? this is not true.

Destroying the monument doesn’t negate a rune or boost.

I guess that is the misconception. The rune boost is attached to the monument, not the farms directly. Understand the misconception?
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If you remove the runes from the towers, the farms and mills can still supershot and regenerate. The runes only enhance the amount the regeneration.

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