Farms set up advice


Was just wondering is it better to have your farms bunched on one island or split across your base, and what are the pros and cons for each set up.


They should be together so they can heal each other. Spreading them out is just bad. There’s no benefit to it and it makes them super easy to take out.

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Or if you have higher level farms and higher level towers they can heal it can actually be harder to 5-flame the base for wars and things.

Depends on your level and your objective(s).



Also, if you spread your farms, it probably means you have a long base which is another issue. Even if you manage to keep your base short-ish while spreading your farms, that farm is taking up a space that you could have used for a damaging tower or a mage, which will overall weaken your kill island(s).


I feel a storm tower or ice turret shield to be much better than a farm heal honestly.


Ok but having the farms together doesn’t it make it easier to take out for a follower using ember?


I don’t have a long base just a mediocre length base. Second long island.


Either they have to use ember as a follow or they solo your base with one dragon cause they had no issue with your spread out farms. :man_shrugging:

In my experience, I am much more likely to struggle on a base with grouped farm. They have higher hp than other towers and thus I sometimes can’t take out all four in the time it takes for my dragon to drift over them.

However, when the farms are all isolated, it’s incredibly easy and I have never had an issue of not finishing an isolated farm.

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I was wondering if the isolated farms can be used as a buffer? As I have seen many players trying to take out farms and forget about the other towers.


I always leave them for last. They make great rage anchors too.


Especially since they can’t attack :upside_down_face:


They can’t heal either, but you can let the NPC supershot guy use all his supershots on that farm and now you’ve got a free ride through. :sunglasses:

So yeah, isolated farms = bad.

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I prefer my farms dotted across the islands … when I’m raiding. :eyes:


Most people do :laughing:

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I can tell you that the healing benefit of putting a farm next to a combat tower is never worth it, and they function as rage anchors.

You pretty much never want to have farms in front of your kill island, and you want them to be together in at least pairs.

It’s common to put all 4 together and arguable if it’s better to have 2 pairs or 1 set of 4, but a common strategy is to put all 4 on a short island with another high hp and high perch so as to have more hp than the dragon has time to kill before flying over. (Doesn’t work for micro bases)

Personally I dislike when you win or lose war runs due to farms, it seems cheap to depend on it. Thankfully dragons are not where farms are difficult to kill at the moment. But who knows with 80+ towers.

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You are basically using 1 of your supershots instead of 1 hammer. Bad trade off IMO


Idk who came up with the 4 farms in the front island before the turn… but I love it when I’m raiding…
Kill those farms for resources and just quit the attack… dont worry about the other percentage on the back :eyes:


Hit 70% to raid their RSS in storage. Killing the farms only collects what they haven’t collected yet


It’s usually done so that they can fit their combat towers into a micro base. (First perch zone)

It often is super bad because the percentage of their base killed by only killing the farms is so high on many micro bases that you don’t need to kill much for 70% (1 flame). But with a war you need 5 flames so it doesn’t really impact wars seriously as long as they have proper mages on their kill island.

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