Farms should be protected for inactivity

Farms are a huge part of war dragons, and i doubt the game would be as fun without them. however, a lot of farms for xp, egg tokens, chests, etc have gone inactive and we can no longer use them. i think that people who want to turn their base into a farm should be able to file for inactivity protection. then, as long as the base is being attacked often, it will stay active.


All accounts should be affected by the inactivity in the same manner. Just because someone comes up with an alt to circumvent aspects of the game so it is easier for us does not mean that account should be treated any different.

After all it is still just a player account.

BTW, your idea could be used to prevent alts rarely used from being kicked from a team due to inactivity making it easier for teams to keep a full roster so they do not give free flames.

that is true… i had not thought of that.

If you want to make sure your favorite base stays alive, sacrifice your Dragon to it often.

This gives the account medals and keeps it active


that is a good idea. a little time consuming, but i guess it is all we got.

Awesome idea! Sign me up!! :smile:


:+1:t3:Like this idea !

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PG could make some official bases that are permanent - i.e not some player decided to make their base into an XP farm when quitting the game.

It would be like invader bases for the basic game. It would not be hard for them to do.


You mean something like what was posted in this thread?

That was started more than a month ago but PG hasn’t commented at all in that thread, and we still don’t have any kind of offical xp farm base team created by PG with bases that are designed after the invader bases from Atlas.


i never saw that thread before. i wish pg would respond to us. at least tell us “no”.

Hence the Team name inclusion of “LooseOne” – they are telling you what you need to do. Lose a battle. Kill at least 5% and then die (swap out).

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If you search the forums you should find they have said no before. (I’m not 100% sure anyone asked other than here since the new forums went live, but this has been asked numerous times)

I think you are more likely to get results from asking for them to build/provide an xp base. Of corse the Atlas Invader base is essentially this, and they have said they may consider extending it to the main game.

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thank you. i am fairly new to the forums, so i did not know most of this stuff.

Yes, exactly like that.

PG doesn’t comment on a lot of good threads sadly.

Any word from PG on this issue?

No. The issue is PG has already implemented XP farms in the game. Bases that automatically scale to your level and always give max XP. They also do not have mages or resources so very, very easy.

Thing is, they only exist for those privileged to have Atlas access. At the rate PG is expanding Atlas I would not expect to see it anytime soon.

Fan Theory: Maybe PG higher ups majored in Political Science? That would explain why they are so good at taking the fifth…

PG has already commented on the issue, Essentially since they have commented on why most players do not have access to Atlas and the plentiful XP bases there.

Basically, he is saying PG poorly designed and implemented Atlas which is why it is taking so long to make it work half decent so eventually most players will be in there.

Clearly they are going to spin it a bit as he did.

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