Favorite dragon


I have been looking at all the dragons in this game and I was just wondering what everyone’ favorite dragon is.:dragon:


Aquileas and Austeros, however it’s spelled. I think they’re pretty unique, considering it’s two dragons flying together. :grin:


I would say Morphos :butterfly:

(What is yours @Allison7809?)


I loved Sekhem.

  1. Avyx - fun, fast action
  2. Hauheset (2 becasuse I am still not very consistent with him) - amazing and (very) challenging
  3. Apophet - only sorcerer I have really enjoyed since Kinnara


Mine is leos :lion:


Neptus. Water flies off of him as he flies. Really cool detail on him.


Dragons I have flown, Avyx, Necryx, and Enki take the top. They are currently my go-to dragons for killing any base.

Dragons I have not flown, Hauheset would be top. Sprindra would also be high on that list, after watching some of the gameplay vidoes people have of her. And then Neptus of course. Mythic power, with his spell set, what is there not to like?


I’m waiting for the dude (or dudette) that shoots a laser beam from his/her snout. Don’t know what dragon it was, just remember seeing it flying around. Haven’t seen it for a while.


SuperFae and SuperNeptus and SuperHauheset


Ember, have to be level 1 tho :grin:


Mehaten! :slight_smile:


Drude is OP


For dragons I have: Amorak
For dragons I want: Hau
Everyone loves Hau and they are making me jealous lol


Everyone loves Hau except for one person…


Necryx at the moment :heart_eyes:
Despite the fact that he’s ugly as sin :joy:
Wish I could get a beautiful dragon with a decent spell-set!! lol



10 characters

  1. Ryuu
  2. Hau


Ryuu before Hau?


Lol just joking. Hau by a mile