Favorite dragon


fae, zamrok and equestor in no particular order (haven’t got any sapphire mythics yet so that’s bound to change sometime, but you did ask about now :slight_smile: )


Avyx!!! So fun to fly. She’s the one who really got me into hunters. So glad I got her.
However, if we’re going by appearance, Anapa’s design is my very favorite.


Anapa is so pretty, too bad it’s just a breeder :frowning:


KAIJU. See them wings. Undisputed beauty. :smiling_imp:


Sage is my favourite dragon, I just love to watch it flying.

The said part’s that I don’t have Sage…


Kaijus wings are cool :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorites:

  1. Necryx by 5 Light-years
  2. Enki
  3. Dodo
  4. Kirin

This is not based off on usage, power, tier or spells. Well necryx is kind of but I love the design of the arrow going through his body. Enki was my first hunter that I used and I still use him today. Dodo is just cute and a fun dragon to troll people with lol. Last but least, Kirin because of those glowy perches.


Draco ten characters


Draco, Jura, and Dodo families (I only have Dodo though).
Especially after deleted all data from WD, which caused all my dragons become Draco.

I like Jura for being a dragon without dragon looks.
Dodo is too cute to describe :heart_eyes:.


Draco is classic


Rizar avyx necryx and sekhem ember and yes that’s all the hunters in my line up


Draco is good though.


Good? :thinking:


Equestor,necryx,sekhem and I sorta like Kirin


Yeah man.


I may even surprise myself with this, but for me it’s Tarand. I appreciate all his effort in helping me out when I was the no.1 noob in War Dragons. Now I’m no.2 :joy:

Jk. But it really was Tarand who lent me a hand when I didn’t know what to do. A help offered to those in need is the best. I was an officer on my old team, and it was the only other team I was on, War Junkies. Tarand not only helped me, but also enabled me as a noob to help many many teammates who grew to be my best friends in game. So for that, I could give less crap about neptus, or whoever thinks Tarand is stupid. It doesn’t get me my best friend. They used to call my Tarand uncle ^^

Ps that was when mythic and legendary double blast still worked.


Did i read that right😱


A&A for me. Not the best dragon(s) in game but unmatched.

Also incredibly strong once someone cleared the blues. Best graphic spell set in game (screen turns dark when the rage dragon leads).

Healing and rage regen plus a I kill 5 towers with one shot spell.

Maybe one of the best lineage dragon ever made considering everything (idea, graphics, spell setup, etc)


I really love Icicle / Gloomclaw design