Favorite dragon


Tarand was my go-to for quite a while too. And I still think he’s really cool looking :+1::grin:



I had this since the stream @PGCoffee said that there will be 5 Divines during the Wintertide Season


Whoah. What level is that at? My Whalegnawer is level ten lol.




Kyrule I think is a beautiful dragon so might be my favorite.

  1. Necryx and Hauheset
  2. Enki and ember


My favorites are the beasts that helped me in many many Pvp & wars

  1. amarock
  2. Tarrand
  3. equestor (now). But honorable mentions King Khrysos Cons & Jagra :heart:



And this


Special MD Edition Kelvin, that dragon is the best.


Kirin for days



What is a dragon?


Now if someone can get a picture of phasmos we would have a complete picture


Did you notice the little skulls flying away once a tower ist killed? THAT is a cool detail


Based on “fun to fly” not power or usefulness:

Hunter: clearly HAUHESET (by far most fun Dragon to fly in the whole game)
Warrior: I actually really like Gloomclaw (cool Combo of spells)
Sorcerer: Sigurd

In Terms of "good ol´days I loved Nightshade. Personally I find Morphos challenging to fly since it dies so fast (yet powerful and lots of fun).


Posting another random dragon when Armors was a thing


My favorite dragons are Neptus, Nightshade, Necryx, Aibrean, Hauhest, Apophet, Equestor, Kinnarus, Nollaig, Skarr and Leos.


I love Equestor!!!


Of what I have chimerak and of what I don’t skarr