Favorite portrait to bring back

Hi all,

A favorite portrait of mine I would love to see return is Starseer. She was awarded through the Talariok line I believe in Winter 2021. I wasn’t able to get the last portrait then and would love to see her brought back.

What’s your favorite you would like to see return?


My favorite is this one from atlas season but luckily I did get her completely

But I would’ve loved to have her portrait :heart_eyes:

My favorite male portrait I don’t have would be this one, he gives me Disney prince gone mad vibes :joy:


I also love this one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
This was my main for a while.

Also a good choice! I don’t have this one but would be in favor of bringing it back!

Totes Disney prince vibes ! :rofl::heart_eyes:

A thread about favourite portraits :eyes:
This is something I can get behind
Storm witch portrait from season with hau 2.0

I would add Venus portrait but she’s most likely coming back with the champion rider branch


Ooooo yes!!! I would also LOVE this one!!!

Man id take these 3 any day. I love the fire kitty to death, at least thats what it looks like to me. And I love the two angelic portraits, they almost tell a story. I can see the aonar being like the leader of the celestial warriors but she got corrupted and was turned evil


Nah, that’s rocket powered Justin Bieber

I do wish I had these old ones

I liked the older portrait style better, they weren’t so busy and you could see them better because they didnt try to cram them all in there and instead stopped at the waist or lower legs. I hate these portraits that are so zoomed out that you cant even see their face much

Though really Id prefer old portraits didnt come back, keep them exclusive to those who played back then


Aaaaaand he’s no longer my favorite male portrait


I do love how the Dryad does glow even without it being animated.

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Celestial Warrior is MINE.

Angel Hunter. :heart_eyes:

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Uber glacius Uber obsidias

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Of all the TR portraits, I really wanted to get Uber Fluxias. That is my favorite portrait of which I don’t have. They switched to the knights just when I was strong enough to clear Harbinger, leaving a portion of the originals behind :cry:


Wasnt that the portrait they resused during Temple Raid last season?

If it was I didn’t get it. I still am missing a few of those ones.

It was the Wind Knight, whom I also didn’t have.

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More favorites :heart_eyes:

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I am not asking/wanting to bring this portrait back, HOWEVER I want to see this concept return.

Way back in the day, Pog was a very special portrait. You could not get him under normal circumstances. The community came together discussing tactics and findings on how to get this elusive portrait. It is that very concept that I wish PG to recreate.

I want them to make more elusive portraits that the community has to find with hidden unlock requirements.