Favorite song while flying 🎶

I personally like way to much to pick…

flying as in i’m on a flight, then something calm and peaceful. -i sleep through the flight most of the time.

flying as in wd, then i don’t listen to music. :expressionless:

The Game

Idk, bassy shit. Stuff with a defined beat/swing.

Half God Half Devil, In This Moment
Teeth, 5SOS
She Wants Me Dead, CAZZETTE
Spaceships, AREA21
League of Legend Worlds songs, assorted artists

Can’t forget Britney Spears. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just set it and raid for 10 hours.

love that song :grin:

Anything by Gordon Lightfoot or Roger Whittaker

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Pure silence :axi:

No, in all seriousness I checked here because I need to find some good tunes to fly to… lol

This one’s a little old (more than 10 years), but it totally rocks…

I’m enjoying Youngblood and I want it that way

you would probably like this too then :eyes:


Glory and Gore by Lorde.

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I love it

I’ve been listening to it for atleast two weeks

No Jesus Christ by Seether


Sorry, didn’t realize we were posting more than 1 submission :wink:

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