Favorite type of dragon and why?


What is your favorite type of dragon (warrior, sorcerer, or hunter) and why?


Hello, dearie, how have you been?

My favourite class: WARRIOR. I love watching the flames…


Hunters. Cloak spell + DPS + good spells in general = badass dragons. I used to really like warriors, too, but not so much anymore. I have Leos and Chimerak on my roster (plus Amarok, though I don’t really like him). As for sorcerers, I only have Kinn, and I’m not a huge fan of sorcs anyway. Overall, hunters.
Also, see Hauheset. I’m far off from having him, but oh boy, I’m looking forward to him.

Edit: added stuff. :slight_smile:


Hunter by far. Speed, precision, and evasiveness.


Hunters>Sorcerers>Warriors>Annoying eagle fans


Sorcerers… they’re just fun to fly


Warriors … they can take a beating. :grin:


Putting ability aside, hunter.
Though, I’d prefer one with great spell set.


Been liking hunter since i had dactyl. Havok was awesome. Warrior is useful for long base and lazy flying. As for sorcerer, I only use it to breed. Kinnara was the only sorcerer I ever use outside breeding. I only close to finish green tier tho :smile_cat:


Hunters FTW!


Sorcerers, they’re awesome :muscle:


I like all 3 , depends on spells


Skarr was my favorite dragon to fly by FAR, but sadly he is retired.
Hauset is the new favorite cause he is just so darn sneaky!



Just few exceptions:

In gold tier I loved droyeuse. But lv 30 towers were game max then.

In platinum I loved Quetz. 35 towers were game max then.

In sapphire none.

Garnet I was in love with A&A (sorcerer).

Emerald I kinda “liked” stormheim. Rest meh.

Obsidian Rhyo all the way.


I like sorcerers. They’re just unique and fun to use. Even though some are super weak.strong text




Sorcerers ,they are the easiest for me to use and they are fun


but i dont owe him.

haha. i prefer Hunters


Destar is like

“Daddy there is someone bullying me :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:. And he’s an MMA fighter. :cry::cry::cry::cry:.”

No worry son I’ll send him the Terminator

Bully with maxed base be like:

“Lol a warrior eat those hammers :hammer: :hammer: :hammer::hammer:


Daddy to son:

„He won’t bully you again :clown_face:


As Panda said “a dragon that obliterates everything as long as you don’t forget to pick up your finger”
Now everyone older,then 3 years can feel themselves badass😍