Favorite type of dragon and why?


And Dracuis*


Forgot about him. Lol but he wasn’t OP he actually needed a pilot who understood his spell set :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


My favorite type of dragon has wings.

Ok, with the exception of Jul, the wingless dragons are such disappointments (Coldsore, Cletus, Ankor and Nassau…oh Edit, stupid water dragon too)


All 3 depends upon my requirement and mood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Most people don’t fly drakius properly. Like using vamp after almost all the towers on the island is destroyed :man_facepalming:


Hahahahaha so true. And die miserably on the next island


Drakius looks good! Still happy with Zammy though.


Back when my Drak was still viable (I never got his green stone), I didn’t like him too much. Vampiric Touch was far too expensive (rage, I mean), and he had no attack power increasing spells or really anything else of use. Different strokes for different folks though. If you find him useful, then that’s good :+1:


I will just tell you my favorite dragons thru the years… at first I fell in love with ammy. He was noble and strong. His resists were top notch and he was a worthy dragon.

Then came the people dragon… Don’t know who that is? Well then you never met necroth. He replaced ammy all the way till I found nightshade.

Nightshade was a base killer. Quick attacks and gave me new insight and I shifted to hunters over warriors. Then nightshade was the man. (Or well dragon.) Till his untimely nerf. May he rest in peace.

Then I met snowdrop as I perfected my cloak flying and hunter persicion. I increased my flying skill 10 fold learning this dragon.

Then I had algor. Set his white roar twice and towers melted away like all of life’s problems. Very formidable dragon. I used snow drop and algor till noctua came along.

Then it was noc and nec, nec and noc. Which was better? Depends on base really. But we all know our love for noctua.

And now it’s destar that I have renamed dexter. Strong, resilient, and fun to fly. But warriors are lazy people dragons so I keep my skills honed with estril and neptus.


Lol, lazy people dragons :joy: I use leos and chim when I’m tired as hell. Kinn too, since she’s easy IMO.


Kinn is for when you don’t want to be bothered flying the dragon but want to clear out an egg mission or two :laughing: Or just sit and grind out the chain islands in Team Gauntlet lol

Edit: she’s also great for doing xp runs for your team mates (unless you’re trying to tackle the Andy base… Then you need superb timing and a Hauheset. Or stronger dragons than I currently have lol)


Wait there are dragons out there that aren’t hunters? hmmmmm sounds suspicious, i don’t trust these Sorcs and warriors you speak of…



Such a good analogy. I don’t have him, but I have seen him in action. As other have said, smash your face to the screen and move it around for a minute or two. Battle won.


Sorcerer👍 they’re powerfull spell