Favourite music, songs and artists?


I love Alan Walker, interested to find out about everyone else.


Oh, my favourite:

Celine Dion. Her albums ‘Falling into to you’ and ‘Let’s talk about love’ made me want to study English back in 1996. Her son was born on my 14th birthday.

And my favourite song is: It’s all coming back to me now


70’s English child here, so with that said…

AC/DC, Iron Maiden, LED Zep, ELO, Supertramp, Journey to name but a few. If you grew up 70-80’s you know the type of music I mean! Cue air guitar :guitar:


I feel so young :sob: I know ac/dc though


Hmmmm, The Avett Brothers


i love the antlers and the lumineers :slight_smile: my favorite song is probably the acoustic version of cleopatra (by the aforementioned latter artist). i tend to listen mostly to alternative, folk, and such music :+1:


I tend to just search for epic music on YouTube, particularly when it involves fixing other peoples’ mistakes. Otherwise, pretty much anything instrumental/soundtracks. Alan Walker has some nice stuff too.


Finally we agree on something :heart_eyes::joy:


Lady Antebellum, Walk the Moon, most musicals. Hilariously, my music tastes are all over the place.


Walk the moon is the one who did that song… I can’t remember the name :joy:


Is it perhaps “Shut Up and Dance with Me” that you’re thinking of? Love that song :smiley:


YESSSSSSS that’s the song


I like Gustav Holst, Beethoven, and Handel.

For a more modern composer, I really like some of the scores John Williams has written.


Pink Floyd : Coming back to life; Comfortably Numb!
Led Zeppelin : Stairway to heaven!
Then there are Blues. I can go on and on.


I’m all over the place…

Joe Purdy, Iron & Wine, Ray LaMontagne, John Mayer, Jim Croce, Van Morrison, Guns N Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Bizzle, Trip Lee, Lecrae, Andy Mineo


I like many genres like pop, rock, hip hop, reggae, romantic ballads and Latin music. my favorite song at this moment is this :smile: :notes:



Add Mozart,Vivaldi, and John Philip Sousa.


I listen to a lot (except old rock), skillet, thousand foot krutch, breaking Benjamin, icon for hire, and more. My favorite song would have to be Where The Lonely Ones Roam by digital daggers


I like Eminem, kendrick lamar, kid ink, tupac, biggy, even halsey, tas sultana, five finger deathpunch, hollywood undead, kevin gates, bone thugz, migos, travis scott, wiz khalifa, Ti, Rittz, and oh yeah…did i mention Eminem? Hehe