Feature Request: Abort button

Since the connection network is unreliable missed connections are frequent. It sucks to lose your event energy because you hit way above your level and your arranged backup couldn’t get in the battle.

Please add to the “Battle starting in x seconds” loading screen an abort button that can be pressed if your backup fails to join and will cancel the attack before it starts.

This should mean that the dragon does not need to heal and event energy/boosts/items selected are not consumed and are returned to your inventory.

This same effect can sometimes be replicated by swipe closing the game, but the results are unreliable (depends on how far along it was when you closed) and you have to reload the game. I’m suggesting making it officially sanctioned with an abort button that works every time and takes you back to the home screen rather than forcing you to reload the game.

The abort button should be available during the entire “battle starting in x seconds” screen and maybe 1-2 seconds into flying your first dragon, then it will disappear.

For wars, if a defender has joined and the attack is aborted then it should still count as a successful defense to the defending team. That will prevent abuse by repeated aborts trying to get no defenders.


You don’t see this being abused in an event by those who whine about people defending? See someone join on def, just abort?

It bites to lose energy but I would vote no to this.


attack a player
someone defends it (unable to defeat it due to hammer spam)
quits battle and claim that you got disconnected.

You can do this already to an extent and force quit during that screen. Don’t recall if it uses the energy but you don’t have to heal your drags.

Go back and re-read. You wouldn’t have the option to do that after the attack starts. So your point is invalid.

Yes, i know. I mentioned that in the OP. that is the unofficial way of doing it. I’m asking for an official way. Force quit saves your energy SOMETIMES, depending on how quickly you do it.

And honestly I think that is the strongest argument for adding this feature: Some people are doing it already, but the success of doing so is dependent on your device. Adding the feature will level the playing field for everyone.

this pertains to @Sparky4FD of player complaining in the current game.

I’m against it, ESPECIALLY during PVP events. There is a risk attacking bases that you can’t take by yourself with 3 dragons. Losing your energy is that risk. If you eliminate all the risk, then why even have events in the first place? Yes, higher levels would get tired of following lower level players (like they don’t already in some cases :roll_eyes:) and that would just lead to more whining about how MrLevel6 can’t complete a season, blah blah, etc etc he/she/it wants divines to be easier to get, bring back old divines, etc.


Lol, the idea is great. It will make decoy in war and atlas much easier.
For war, everyone now can attack the highest base, draw defenders and then abort. No penalty on defense points, awesome! We can finally 250 our opponent and give them 0 defense points!!!
For atlas, everyone can attack->abort when meet 2~3 defenders without loosing troops and safely retreat.
Put this in and every one will be mad about the game >_<


This is true :rofl:

There are times where I curse myself for still having an IF equipped outside of the event, but it’d be a bigger headache than its worth due to abuse - too bad. Make it so that every abort = instant def point :smiling_imp:

Edit: Yes, one-sided troop loss too!

That would work if every abort will give defense point and will loose all troops.

Some of you all make very valid points, so maybe my suggestion isn’t the best. Well the BEST would be if they fixed their damn servers so that connections were reliable. Then if you lost it would be no one’s fault but your own.

@PGCrisis Any word on server upgrades to make connections reliable?

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:rofl: what server upgrades? They use the most reliable, cheapest servers you can get…

:thinking: A Pentium II under CL’s desk? I think it melted.


Under CL’s desk? Nope, that was under Pixxel’s desk and she took it with her. Now they are running on an old Gateway All in One running WindowsME

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