Feed event- whats new

Well definitely not the glyphs - really? Really? Rejuv and healing striker again? Whats that 4 in a row?

Also top list already dominated by gem hackers. Joy

Sorry for a bitch thread but sometimes one just has to vent.


I was just about to make a thread on this, but c’mon PG. A person only needs a max of 3 healing striker runes on their base at once and I have, I counted, 12 epic healing strikers currently that are wasted. At this point, with the season dragons only coming with runes and not glyphs, the majority of the player base who aren’t willing to spend a small fortune on the runic chests are running out of glyphs. You guys say you listen to feedback and also, I believe, said on the old forums, you were going to be mixing up the runes in prizes which hasn’t happened. Giving better runes wouldn’t reduce the money you make by that much and I know a lot of your players would be happy.

An option I thought of, in order to give everyone runes they actually need, is make it so each major event, players could choose the glyph they wanted in the personal achievements. In order to make sure people didn’t choose rage every time, make it so you can’t choose the same glyph within a month or two time period. That way people can get runes they need for their specific dragons at their level. Very few high level dragons have rejuvenate and it’s useless other than the rage modifier…so I think this is a good compromise over all.

Just my thoughts.


Agree. I’m seriously overloaded with healing strikers!!!

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On the bright side I got hit for all my food that was under protection and now have literally 0 food. That’s always good.

Sarcasm doesn’t suit you, CheeryGrinch :disappointed:

This everlasting issue/bug/whatever with protection not working (when we are offline I think) or even worse this kind of anti-exploit (because someone benefits at your expense) of getting all your resources stolen, down to zero… It’s incredibly frustrating, and at least the latter is certainly not intentional.

Most of us did some research in early tiers to protect some of these resources, those are bound to always be protected in the storage, and if I’m not mistaken a bit in the farms.

Why is it otherwise? I’m truly wondering.

Can you please shed some light on this @PGEggToken?

5% each

5% each (storage)

And 10% more, that makes 15% for mills and farms, 5% for “StoRage” all before or within (can’t tell anymore) Green tier research.

What about yours @CheekyGrinch?

When i saw rage glyph one fine event after some threads, i was expecting change would continue. But i suppose it was only gonna last for one event! Atleast i am happy that i got some rage glyph :sweat:

I Can always use one more Rejuv glyph for the collection :grin:…I cant remember the last time I used a dragon that even had rejuvenate :joy:

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Hugin in Green, Khrysos in Gold, nothing until Kyrule in Emerald…
(Sage for a little when it worked with Super Rejuv before the spell revamp)

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Lots and lots or runes, and very few usable glyphs.

What if… we had 3 rune slots and 2 glyph slots instead? Not a perfect fix, but at least more player friendly

Everyday a new player joins who has nothing of anything so it seems fair that they get this stuff.

PG wants „old“ players to buy runic chests.

Unless it’s rage or wisdom, all rare runes get auto-salvaged. Problem solved. :smiley:

The rune/glyph system in general needs a complete REVAMP, in my opinion.

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