Feedback about Reyze?

What’s the situation/feedback with the new mythic warrior?
Seems like we’ve heard nearly nothing about him and have barely seen him flown. I’ve only found a handful of flight vids with him and only 2 were defended.
I have the 20 keys but picking a mythic is difficult when there doesn’t seem to be much info about one of them. I know we’re only on week 4 but there’s a lot more info for the hunter out already.

Are there any thoughts about him?
Does he have a chance to be useable at end tier defended or is he worthless (except on a perch)? Do you think he’ll require a buff? (I assume he wont get one, there will be too much whining against it after Nock)

From the very little that has been shown, he seems underwhelming. Low damage percentages, long cooldowns, low rage generation and high rage demand and weak defensive capabilities.
All of his rune boosts seem pretty worthless since they effect the crappy shield


Only saw him in two Impervim videos sadly he is kinda terrible against defended bases looks like he needs a tiny buff but odds of him being like Nockmar are very slim

Yeah haven’t had him flown on my base yet and no one on team has him.Only thing I’ve heard from @Imperivm92 is that he doesn’t do well with 2 plus defenders and the videos support that

I have it and it’s a very underwhelming dragon. Both my kin and nock are better. That’s my opinion of reyze


I will get it for perch.

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Demircan had a posting on Instagram with pros and cons. His testing determined it sucked and not worth it over the hunter.

He does well 1D, depends a bit on the base 2D, and 3D… good luck

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That’s unfortunate to hear, least I can perch it but that’s doesn’t help with keeping 3 drags useful against defenders for attacks.

Maybe I can grind enough to get both and use the hunter st least

I could do both but it seems pretty pointless, especially with Reyze other than to perch him. His red spell has the same low damage that Garnath’s had so it will quickly stop being able to 1 shot

Aerow’s ability to hit up also seems a bit questionable

That’s my issue. I havent flown a hunter in a while so Im not particularly confident in being able to fly Aerow well defended so Im hoping maybe Im missing something with Reyze.
Kinn’s lightning probably wont last too much longer and Nock is going to get slower as towers pass him and his breath wont be able to deal with hammers. Do having something usable is quite important.

I really wish we could test these mythics out


I’m already seeing nock struggle with two defenders spamming hammers. His breath can’t drop the towers fast enough, he has to rely more on his one shot

Towers are still on par with nockmar lvl. So nothing should have changed 132 v 132 or 135 v 135. Past 135 you will start to notice yes.

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That doesn’t feel like that when flying

In all honesty I’ve seen Kin flown on none defended bases not impressive but at certain tiers and bases she acts like a tank when it comes to damage and damaging a base but she’s also good at tier defended bases or at least hitting up one or 2 tiers defended depending on the defense power. I wish I had her to but oh well I have Jaalkah.

Apparently, the game wants me to make a choice :confounded:


So does mine

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Take both.


I’m pretty sure she can but the warrior needs to be good otherwise it’s another sexy perch dragon.

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I defended both quite a bit and clearly the hunter was better but it also depends on the flyer.

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Well the hunter is always going to be better, that’s just how this game works. We’ve never had a bad season mythic hunter. Im interested though if Reyze is even viable at end tier against defenders or if he’s another Danav. On paper he seems pretty mediocre and we haven’t really seen him flown much yet. What little we have seen seemed rather bad but that also could be because he was new.


He’s another Danav probably right now cause people don’t bother showing footage, I am good at mastering a dragon’s skill set though and what I see Reyze can only handle 1 defender if I had him but that’ll require me to fly him a lot to get used to his skill set vs the hunter I could probably handle maybe the common amounts of defenders but I’m not sure about 3 yet.