Feedback for PG on Fomhar's Spells (New Legendary Hunter)

I know there is another thread discussing this a bit, but I want to make sure we give this the visibility before we run out of time to influence PG with our thoughts on the spells before they are set in stone.
Here they are again for your reference:

My thoughts:

  1. Autumn’s Reap: needs to have a long duration (5-6 sec, possibly extended with runes) and significant healing, similar to that gained by Northern Lights- Light. Hopefully a 2 rage spell.
  2. Entrap: It appears this is meant to cover 1-3 towers (similar to sand or lockdown). If so, it REALLY needs to be a permanent (until fired upon) spell. PLEASE, PG.
  3. Vanish: I have heard multiple rumors about this one. I’ve heard it has zero rage. 8 second cool down???, I’ve even heard that you can shoot during it. An 8 second cool down pretty much makes the spell useless, IMO. I would love the option to shoot during it- but that basically makes it an invincibility shield so I doubt they are going to do that for zero rage. It’s pretty OP. Still, it would be nice to add a rage cost and see that on a hunter for once…

I am by no means the expert on these things. I really want to make sure the voice of the community is heard before it is too late. Please speak up below!


Plz PERMANENT lockdown… This makes this hunter worth spending for

I don’t mind an 8 second cooldown tbh as long as this cloaks passed majority of the long middle island.

I’ve heard rumors that this is going to use enfeeble’s range. This is interesting …1 or 2 rage would fit considering Noxious Vines is 2 rage…

My wish: Blue mage will disable the cooldown… Please PG

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That would be interesting. That is new for a hunter, right? I would be okay with that if it wasn’t a permanent lockdown for a larger area like that.

Yes for Fomhar… if that is the case, I would be fine with 2 rage because Vanish is rumored to be 0 rage. Lol so many rumors

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Why don’t we just wait and see what the spells actually are before we ask for changes?


Agreed, this thread is premature. Let’s wait to see what they are suppose to do before we criticize.

But since we are at it here are my concerns:

  1. it will lack damage. (No real damage spell, snowdrop’s issue)
  2. non permanent lockdown… good. Sand and Vine should have been like this.

Uhhh…Autumn Reap :eyes:

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Sure… maybe. But if it is doing 3 things (increase rage, give health and increase damage) none of them will be significant. But again I guess we wait and see the numbers.

Yes, we shall wait and see :grinning:

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Although I suppose you HAVE seen the numbers?

Well, Crisis did say that the GPF has been testing things :woman_shrugging:

““Some features, Dragons, content, etc., we look to feedback from the GPF ahead of time. For example, spells for Samhrad and Fomhar are being discussed with the Faction right now since they’ve had access to Dragons test builds.”

Well hopefully they listen to your feedback. Either way I’ll have this hunter I just don’t have high hopes for it.

I’m excited for them to announce everything :blush:


not new. Morphos had it aswell.

Morphos debuted it lol

Any one know the date for the new dragon yet

next week

Ok thanks

Does any one know if it will start out discounted