Feedback for PG on Samhrad's Spells (New Legendary Sorcerer)

I know there is another thread discussing this a bit, but I want to make sure we give this the visibility before we run out of time to influence PG with our thoughts on the spells before they are set in stone.
Here they are again for your reference:

My thoughts:
Without any white spells, this dragon will never be a decent lead. I would like to beg PG to make Solar Strike white. I know people hate to for us to ask for white spells all the time, but this change would make her a really significant dragon. Not completely OP, but actually relevant. Without that, she’s just a another alternate to ember for cleaning up farms.
If they do that, I would say Summer’s Purification should be 3 rage (depending on the strength of the healing- I’m assuming at least half health will be healed). If not, make Summer’s Purification 2 rage. She’s going to be irrelevant at that point anyway.

I am by no means an expert on these things. I really want to make sure the voice of the community is heard before it is too late for PG to make a change. Please speak up below!


They mentioned that this dragon is for following and not lead. I agree that a white spell will help following…though I would be fine with a red spell
The spell one shots lvl 100 towers (guaranteed one shot)

I disagree…if Necryx sanded the blue and the red mages on a lvl 60 kill island. Samhrad could go hit NL and death gaze all the towers. This brings up another point , the max cooldown for Solar Strike should be 1 second if any cooldown is imposed. This is comparing Spindra’s enfeeble to Solar Strike

Now I regret picking Nollaig…
This one is really decent sweeper. Northern Light - Dark + One shot spell = Perfect follower for Necryx


This dragon is an AMAZING cleanup dragon. Fantastic, seriously.


It’s like if A+A and tengu had a child while the hunter is like if avyx and necryx had a child


Is it confirmed that Solar Strike is one shot kill spell?

I don’t know what they’ve said yet.


They said it was either death gaze or galvanic but coffee on stream he wasnt sure which it was based off of.

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I probably won’t get Samhrad unless they change Solar Strike to white. I’m never one to go on about white spells as I feel they can be unbalancing, but Spindra’s white enfeeble and Anuba’s desiccating sand made all the difference. Even sorc’s need the ability to single out a problem tower from time to time. I can understand how it would be hard to balance the other two spells with a white death gaze type spell, but without it this dragon comes off a bit too niche. I think I’ll probably go with No-Legs instead.

Let’s say solar strike is red and is identical to umbral spike with different animations. PG says, “Oh, people want it white. Now let’s nerf something else.” Now Solar Strike has a 5 second cooldown…now he is significantly weaker for his PURPOSE (following). All you have to do is go in with Hau and sand the blue and red mages.

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Good point. I forget that PG is like an evil genie. You never get what you wish for without it being twisted in some terrible way for the sake of “balance”. :joy::joy::joy:
And they HAVE gotten rather liberal with the cool downs this season… throwing them on everything. Ouch.

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Of course, that’s assuming the dragon was well balanced to begin with. Which may be a big assumption…

The GPF is testing the balance of this dragon and the hunter… I think they will do a good job…

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Yeah, I was just throwing out my opinion. As someone who doesn’t have Hau and prefers a more balanced dragon overall compared to niche ones, I really like Samhrad but probably won’t go for him because of the lack of a white spell for targeting an individual tower.

Okay… hau was just an example. I didn’t think I had to clarify but what “hau,” means is any setup dragon with a disable spell such as sand, lockdown or Noxious Vine. Even Avyx can setup the base…the only difference is you have to kill the red mage in addition to the blue.

:man_shrugging:it is the worst seasonal Dragon I’ve ever had :man_shrugging:

Do you use Samhrad as a follow? (S)he was built as that and not a solo dragon, so that may be why you’re having some trouble with her/him.

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He’s almost maxed in Gold and Caldbolg is as good of a clean up Dragon as Sam is,I only got Fae to green and she is WAY better at green then Sam is at gold,I just think it’s a poorly designed Dragon, definitely not in the same league with Tengu , Fae , Kinnarus or Equestor…

I think Sam will be good, the aoe spell does a tonn of damage and the invincibility spell is nice.

I’m having a nightmare with the spell though…
To use the invader base for reference I can take out 5 towers no problem. But at least 1 out of every 4 the spell doesn’t destroy the groups and does a big burn animation but leaves them standing.

Can anyone explain this inconsistency? As all the towers are lvl 42 there shouldn’t be a case where it randomly does less damage?

It’s by far the worst thing about him and makes flying him a pain in the ass…

Also please reduce the cooldowns… there’s no need as he’s basically toothless without the spell…

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My guess is it’s related to the glitchiness of fireball/divine fireball etc… Sometimes it does 0 damage and sometimes it does like 50% damage it’s just really weird and unreliabe makes you hold your breath whenever you cast especially on short islands.

I don’t have Sam though so also could not be remotely similar at all.