Feedback Request on New Splash Screens

Dragons Lords,

The team has been working on some major improvements to the user interface and splash screens in War Dragons. We have attached a couple of polished mock-ups for the splash screens that appear after a battle and while traveling. Please let us know what you think of each screen as all feedback is welcome and will be taken into consideration.

Defeated Splash Screen after coming back from battle

Victory Splash Screen after coming back from battle

Traveling Screen


These are amazing :tada:

Will the victory/defeat splash screens still display the dragon XP, RSS, etc; or will they be on a separate screen? I’d prefer to just have that overlaid instead of on another one.

Other ones in this style would be neat as backgrounds too :slight_smile:


Hey @forScience. We definitely will be making the same information available on those two screens. This is just a mockup for the backgrounds.


Yes yes yes yes yes! These are gorgeous!


Wow those are beautiful!

As long as it doesn’t make any load times take longer than absolutely!


Pretty cool looking, I especially like the “traveling” one. :+1:t2:
The “defeated” one, while also beautiful, could maybe use a bit more color variety imo.

I like the red as it pretty much screams “you lose” lol. The traveling one is my favorite though.

I think they look fantastic :+1:t2:

They look fantastic!

Big ask, but I would love :heart: if when using a dragon with a rider, that the Travelling screen shows the same pic but with a rider on its back… :smiley:

Nice look… Are these just the stills of a broader animated sequence?

I love it, except for one thing:
That base was destroyed by Ryuu :eyes:
Edit: it says it on the bottom of the defeat screen

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The victory and defeated screens should be switched to me. The dragon that lost is flying away from a torched base that really looks like it took a beating. To me that guy just won. On the other take away the victorious dragon’s fire and give the dude a buddy and they can just wave at it, makes for a proper taunt and is a better defeated screen in my opinion.

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I love the artwork,

@Crankypants is right

Yet I am still happy with the current loading screens. Not everything needs to be fancy.

I think the “dude” is actually our female mentor Ash watching us triumphing over a base… You know, that women who congratulates you each time you level up…

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Will there be an updated going into battle screen which shows the attackers and defenders joining as well? Since we are getting all the other splash screens?

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Those look awesome. But the real question is, will it break all the old devices? Not all of us have the luxury to buy the top-of-the-line tablets/phones to play WD

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I actually like the traveling dragon in the “loading matchmaking screen” where you can’t tell if it’s seen from below or above… And if I’m not mistaken it’s the last remnants of Kastor old appearance, so I don’t want to part with it.

But those who know me (:eyes: @mechengg ) are aware that I HATE changes ingame and that I’ll go ranting on and on about how I dislike it until I get use to it (but still saying it was better before etc. :joy::joy::joy: )

If you must absolutely make a defeated Dragon design, please don’t display it being hurt or hit. Humiliated and fleeing ok, but suffering… Not!

Thank you in advance.

I’d like a little animation that has a guy with a sword or battle axe behead my dragon please. :slight_smile:

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