Feedback Requested For Android Players on 3.91

Hi folks,

Our latest patch includes a number of performance and connectivity fixes for Android. If you have version 3.91 installed, please let us know below if things are better or if there’s more need for improvement.

If there are any crashing/loading/freezing/connectivity issues in the general game(not Atlas), please let us know where you experience this in the game and what device you’re on. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to hear that Atlas is still a bit laggy. We’ll pass the report on to the team. How about for the non-Atlas part of the game itself?

I’ll have to test this some more (and see about crashing after Invader attacks), but my phone no longer feels like it’s trying to cook an egg after two Atlas attacks :tada:

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Android O. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

  • App still crashes a lot (shows Not Responding then have to force close)
  • Graphic bugs still exist
  • Atlas runs a big smoother but still laggy
  • No travel path :frowning:
  • Keyboard pops up like 3 times before I can type anything
  • Game froze during loading in battle screen. Sometimes it loads through and the battle begins, but sometimes just hang there and I have to forced close the app. Something like this.

    The app just hang there for more than 5 min. Had to force close app
    @PGEggToken @DragonPunch

Mine is still crashing and lagging in spots. Doesn’t really feel much different. On an S7 btw.

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Can’t reply to an old team mail - keeps saying “waiting for server”. Sending new team mail or new individual mail works though.

Samsung Tab A6 10.1, Android Nougat

The game acts smoother than before when it comes to scrolling the base screen, initiating an attack or cancelling it and getting back to base.

Facing active defence: Holy moly! Does it really have to lag this bad?!

Joining battle: not available, Downloading files 0/1 stuck on the screen for 3 minutes and still counting

Joining me in battle: mostly okay, but fellow reported that he got rejected. (i had no follower on that particular run at all)

chat: The on-screen keyboard has had issues since the moment I started playing (13 Sept), it’s more or less the same with every update. This time it got worse, if I am in chatty mood I need to restart the game more often.

Update on 21/12/2017, 21:10 GMT

I am logged in WD. Reading forum on my laptop, not even chatting, just logged in (idle). The game crashes after 30-40 minutes.

When actively playing and chatting, crash time is 20-30 minutes.
Flying with a follower usually starts and ends with lagging. (but I can join others at least)
Defending is a little disaster, it may be the attacker or me, I don’t know, but the loops, hoops and lags just make my hair curl up.

ok first off did the update then opened app everything was larger then normal had a huge bridge and wooden beams blocking base… exit app then got back on fixed problem. now chat is laggy cant attack with out drop worse if they defend. mainly whole process of opening and running app is a lag. first battle after signing on is the worst i get stuck on screen were the dragon is flying. i exit come back works fine. random black screen appears mostly when i help someone with attack. my main issue is all around game lag, and the app force closing 3 times on its on when opening the app

I need to test a bit more but it seems better!
Less crash and Atlas running fine at the moment, a little bit faster but “playable”.
I think that it’s still a lot worst than iOS (specially on Atlas map movement) and you could do a lot better but it’s definitely a nice start, but please don’t stop improovement on Android.
Device Samsung S8+

EDIT: normal game less crash but Atlas is still slower on scrolling map and really laggy

Samsung galaxy s6. Game still has random crashing, sync problems, and lag inside of runs. It seems much worse after event went live but I did not play much yesterday. :frowning:

Samsung note 3. Still has a lag when flying especially with defenders, also still closing out a lot. I’ve also noticed that intimidating roar does not work since the update

Samsung Note 8. Still crashes, chat still lags, screen still artifacts/things start missing. So I still have to restart the game several times (unless it crashes first). I don’t have Atlas so I can’t tell you anything about how it reacts to that.

No problems have been resolved, if anything worse for me. Load times are worse, lag with defenders is near impossible and with followers it’s just a struggle (enough to make me not click “invite” on a fight I don’t need help with). Was getting a message saying “Unable to join due to poor internet connection” which is like the one given when trying to join a fight or defend, but this was just when I was trying to do my own run. It timed out and have to reload the game. Currently since the new rider has been added this afternoon I get a lot of red “loading” circles in all sorts of random places. Sometimes I bring up chat and everyone’s avatar is replaced by the loading circle. I even had it happen in a fight when getting a chest from a monument, was a red loading circle on the screen and a “+1” next to it. “Returning home” since the rider has been added has taken probably about 5x as long as before, and sometimes I need to reboot the game several times to get bookmarks to load. If I actually get into a defense it’s too late to defend anyways as the dragon is already crushing the base and supershots take about a full minute to load and instead say “network delay” over them for what feels like an eternity before the tower is destroyed. If it’s a short base and doesn’t have a mage drain island to give time for me to get in the game and set supershots usually useless.

I’m sure there’s plenty more things but I have seen zero improvement since the update and it’s gotten worse today since the rider being added (not sure why). I will also admit that I’m still on a Galaxy S5 so I’m probably using an older phone than anyone else in the game lol. But things have gotten worse for me overall, for sure. Much of what I listed above isn’t things that have gotten worse, but rather things that were bad and weren’t fixed. Though overall, for me it’s worse.


Just bought Galaxy note 8 today

Installed the apps

When i tried to launch the game got black screen just before the orange dragon picture for loading and then the game crash

Try uninstall
Try clear cache of the game, Google play and Google play services …
Checked some display setting nothing change.

Can’t acess the loading screen :cry:

The poor get poorer. We should switch to iOS. Oh, wait…

Err… If I were you I would wait, too…

samsung s7.
have to reload evergame before i can attack.
issues joining attacks.

Question to android users having issues - did you guys disable battery saver & game optimizer options? Though I’m not doubting that Samsung isn’t playing nice, it’s worth a try.

Note 5.

Can not attack a base with defenders at all. Pause, slow network speed, pause freeze, lost connection.

Non defended, not as bad little laggy at times.

Team mate joins in to follow does same as with a defended base. My network I don’t feel is that bad, tried WiFi also same thing.

Several sync errors when doing anything event related. I have attached a cooy of a speed test,
done this right after try to do egg runs and had defender’s then game said connection lost and crashed.

Can’t play at all like this and missing out on my egg runs :sob:

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