Feeding added to Breeding

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The Feeding event had so low rewards that there wouldn’t be a reason to bring it back. Even if it was added as a mini-event inside of Breeding, they would still most-likely restructure rewards for Breeding to ensure players don’t get TOO much rrs/sigils/etc…

No, that’s a catastrophic combo

Agreed, I kinda like the way the events are spaced out now because having a Pvp every 2 events does indeed help. Although having mini-events like before wont hurt :wink:

this has been done before, wont be coming back

Feeding added to breeding means no food for training baby dragons. Don’t you have a pity on them? :pleading_face:


lol feeding before breeding, but still the ‘drought’ of food would pose issues. If it was something to be added it would be the XP event because at least then you would get points for training your baby dragons.


The point was having Feeding with breeding so when you get a new dragon you get points for feeding it :sweat_smile:

Could do a feeding event with a 4x food boost, wouldn’t recommend running it at the same time as breed, but maybe as a substitute event for one of the last 2 events of the atlas season to keeps event shields down to help those who are slacking and need to finish season.


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Feeding was discontinued and won’t come back, not as a combo, not even as a standalone event. Feed your Dragons whenever you can, poor things…

I’d suggest searching the forum for the many reasons why (it’s late for me and I’m a bit too lazy to search for it myself, especially waddling into this murky matter…)