Feeding again so soon?




They need to come up with some new events. Bring back king of the hill. It was better than kingdom wars in my opinion


Yep, banking XP on your many useless line dragons seems pretty viable to me. Apart from divines I tend to give any line dragon that seems even halfway viable (currently Rizar, earlier Whale, Ettin) a chance by keeping them maxed too, just to have some variation in my flying. But that still leaves me with plenty of “XP buckets”, whose only purpose after breeding is to hold XP for the feeding event.



If there would be a new event, they might announce it next week before the end of the feeding event or if not, by next next week.

I am sure that they announce new event a few days ahead.


Sigh… R.I.P. Raid Button :sob:


Much props to @PoseidonPQ. Always amazed by talented Photoshop skills.



Not sure why people complain so much about feeding. It’s only Friday morning here in GMT-5 and I just hit 1.5 million points by using 1.5 food boosts and a few food packs to make up the difference between protected amount and amount needed to train.

Still have many dragons that can be fed including Nocta again. Still have 10 400k, 79 130k, and 95 26k food packs.

Seems pretty easy to me. This will probably come across as a brag but really trying to convince the feeding haters that this event is pretty simple. Just boost / bounce / raid your way to the top.


This is my reason to complain about feeding…
No dragon to be fed (all has been fed to breedable last event…)



I feed mine to expert, not just breedable.

Even monkey boy Zaru will be expert next batch of food, and he’s a pansy

Keep flying them suckers!



You mean “spend a few weeks of timers to finish your storage / boost / bounce / raid” right?

I think the ease of it does depend quite a bit on level. Around level 80 it was incredibly hard for me to even reach 600k, only doable with donations from helpful high-level teammates.

Now, at 114, I find it a lot easier to get 1.5M since I can hit most up to 200 that have lumber, and apparently lvl 40+ flaks scare off most other raiders. Also farms are starting to actually produce a noticable amount of food now.

I’m assuming as levels go up it’ll only get easier to raid for food.

I stil think it would get easier if PG finally added a method to apply boosts while the storage is under construction. A lot more people would do that, and there would be much more food available to raid when people are sleeping and not using it.


Yes, I wasted 20 days of timers too, but since I get more than that in return, it only makes sense. The protection really helps even though it only works while you’re online and harvest often.

Bouncing food worked for me at lower levels and still works for me. It gives you 40 minutes to keep raiding.

All things a relative. Yes, it’s “easier” to find some food (20k here or there unless you raid at off hours of your bookmarks), but it’s just as hard to accumulate over a million food without it being stolen to level one dragon one level.

I didn’t keep track in the bad old days and granted I am probably super active but I have always made the 450/500 sigil prize my goal in every event. Some events like fortification it’s my “hard stop” since prizes beyond aren’t worth the downside to over leveling.


Ummm…doesn’t feeding event always follow the release of new lineage dragons. After mythic release at the end of last season. Now after vanguard release this season. Probably after mythic release late this season or early next season too. :man_shrugging:t2:


I think so, plus additional at other times too


There once was a “once per season” promise…


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