Feeding event and rubies drop

Recently I got gems from monuments, event going on know , no chests coming now :man_facepalming: Got 2 times gems . Fix plz @PGJared

I’ve had the same thing all event so far. Still rubies no bronze chests I’m pretty sure

For gods sake please use search…

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Event if you don’t use the search… It’s right here. How do you miss this?

Donkey and JJ.
On my iPhone I searched ‘rubies in feeding event’ and ‘no chests in feeding event’ and ‘chest drop feeding’ and only this topic still comes up. You dont get the other half of the screen you took the screenshot of on your computer.
The only other posts were from January and earlier. Not related to this event.
Don’t get all shitty at us now!

Don’t worry, not getting shitty. Also didn’t know mobile doesn’t have this aid.

That other thread doesn’t have the search words I thought most relevant to my situation and I didn’t see any others in new topics either. All good

…and still getting rubies not chests :confounded:

Same for me. Just rubies🤢

Same thing happened to me. No chests, a few dragon abilities broken like explosive shield, etc. Reinstalling the game fixed it.
Honestly, if everyone reported every single bug in this game PG would be swamped. Every event has new bugs, usually we just deal with it for a day and then it gets fixed. For a bug that requires reinstalling, and for it to affect so many people, they really should make an in-game announcement. I suppose I will just submit a ticket for everything now.

I had this just happen and I first just uninstalled and reinstalled but it didn’t fix it. After I first cleared my cache and data THEN uninstalled and reinstalled I started getting chests again.

OMG I just cleared the cache and data and still not getting the chests.
I’ll try to clear, uninstall and install but this is outrageous.

Any compensation PG?

Clearing data & cache and the reinstalling worked perfectly!



I have 2 accounts both were getting rubies no chest. I reported to support. One account got great support and refunded me the lost chest. The other offered the same advice which was reinstall. I did. And started getting chest (2). I asked them what about the chest I lost? They said looking at your account we see you got chests and its working as it us suppose to. So we can not compensate. Since then the account has went back to rubies. And absolutely no support on this account.

This. Almost every updates brings new issue and we have to do same repeatative steps - clear cache, reboot and reinstallation. Why can’t it be fixed?

Also I did reinstall and it fixed it only for a few hours. Long enough for pg to say I was getting chests and nothing was wrong. I went back to getting rubies again after this.

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