Feeding Event and Why We Need it Back

Maybe I’m solo in this thought but…

By having the feed event only every 9/10 weeks actually inhibits overall progression for players and puts more emphasis on the divine dragons, which last I knew was something PG was wanting to fix.

My reasoning…
Once a dragon is breedable, the ONLY reason to feed/level it is FOR the feeding event. Because our main tier dragons are not leveling, that means we are relying on our divines as they are the strongest.


I detest the feeding event in its current state. It encourages leveling dragons and purposely not feeding them except for that one weekend, once (or if we are extremely unlucky twice) a season. It creates a false shortage of food as well.

I do not want this event any more than it is currently offered, unless it is combined with another event, ie breeding or fortification.


Please not fort. Rss are rare enough (and false enough) as it is during that event.


I think they should just get rid of this - why bother with this event? It does nothing for the players and I’m sure PG don’t make much money that week unless people are stupid enough to spend rubies on xp transfer. There is absolutely no incentive to spend on anything that week.


True, it should be combined with breeding, which other than hunting for egg tokens to finish a breed, is the most boring event of them all. There ya go, combine feeding and breeding. You transfer Xp to your new, baby drags using rubies, and can breed using rubies, so there are 2 opportunities for using rubies PG…


Best suggestion! And I don’t don’t why it isn’t that way. Would create a very purposeful weekend.

My only point was that something needs to change. Be it eliminated, combined, returned more often…something. As is, it actually creates a negative impact overall. Maybe I didn’t express my self correctly?

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I think your intentions are good, but feeding as it is has no place in the game. It should be combined, permanently, with breeding. Then we have a reason to feed just about every 4 weeks…


Feeding fixes the food shortage. And it does a great job balancing progression by making t take so long. Most people feed their main dragons and hold the breeders back. We’d do the same if it was on a shorter rotation too. I would just rather it was on the place of a minor all the time so that fort and breed get pushed back, though it’s likely PG would scale prizes to account for that.

I despise feeding.
It is a disgraceful mutation of the wonderfully exciting XP training event.

No heal times! Points for XP earned! Bonus points for expert dragons!
Give me this event back, please.


Lol this god forsaken event…

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Makes sense as breeding is over in a few minutes or hours anyway… a day at most. :slight_smile:


If it’s going to be re-run and not changed to what Shadows is referring to, I’d rather have it stay the way that it is. I don’t want the prize tiers to be messed with, and I don’t want it to be ridiculously hard to get food when breeding multiple dragons during the event.

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A few hours? Stamina, you have. I think I blow my tokens in 15 minutes, tops, and that’s 100k+ :rofl:

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lol… a few hours if I’m out of XP potions…need to get baby drags to breedable to progress

Ok, good point. I forgot what it was like to breed more than 1/2 a dragon during a breeding event. My bad.


What about those players that breed one dragon, hatch it and grind out the xp so they can breed it to get a different dragon before the end of the event? I did that one weekend. Picked up quetz via backbreed then grinded to get him breedable so I could breed Iteru in the same event.

Done that several times. It gets exhausting when you have to power level a mythic with no XP potions left

I’m a huge fan of the grind :joy::joy: That is an awesome suggestion @Jonesy. Combine feeding and breeding for a power event.

Mind you I thoroughly enjoy the XP Training event too @ShadowsOfBirds. That is another grind event that was a ton of fun and got people active. :blush:

Even the Dragon Games (cue the boos) was a fun event because it changed things up every couple of days. Possibly extend it for 2 weeks, 3 days breed, 3 days xp training, 3 days feed and 3 days fort. That would mean 2 active events in a row (not sure if that would work) and then back to the games.

I suppose we could split it. Week 1 breed and feed, Week 2 active event, week 3 xp and fort, week 4 active. Rinse and repeat?

I would rather an event that kept us going and not something the Mega coin ruins.


Yup it does inhibit people from growing… which is why it should be completely abolished like it was. Them bringing it back was simply idiotic. As @ShadowsOfBirds pointed out the whole idea of it was a bastardized version of the once great XP training event… but that event made PG no money so…



They can stand to give us ONE event that’s fun even though they don’t profit