Feeding event changes?

I have been hearing on LC that maybe feeding event will either be discontinued or else combined with breeding. I searched the forums and found nothing recent on this topic. The possibility of feeding being discontinued is old news and has never happened before.

Personally I think the idea of combining feeding with breeding is a fantastic idea, but we would need one more standalone feeding before the change so that those with tons of stacked XP could burn it without screwing up their progression plans.

Anyone have any recent news on this topic? Any validity to the LC rumors? Any thoughts on combining feeding with breeding?

I like the way feeding is. I might be minority on this issue but I think this is the easiest event to score points. Leave it as is, don’t need it to become a Mega Coin event that non-spenders can get few prizes and then don’t participate the rest of the weekend because they can’t reach anything else.

As far as I am aware, that is just a rumor.


anything that you hear outside members of the Creators Faction or PG Staff are invalid especially when it comes to future events.

so the best thing that you can ask to those people is give you a link where they found it.


having no heal time during event would be great for training though.
It will help us reach better points.

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Pretty sure its just a rumor. Everybody seems to forget there is usually only 1 MAYBE 2 feeding events per season. So it takes a while for them to come around. I hope they dont combine it with another event. Feeding is easy to max out if you play it right.


Complete rumors. That being said they really should combine feeding and breeding together. Feeding is boring after the first 48hrs and mostly just becomes spamming food on perch dragons. Being able to get points when leveling up new breeding dragons while chain breeding would be great and make far more sense than just keeping some dragons underleveled or pointlessly overleveling benched dragons.
Call the event
Breed 'em & Feed 'em

Well feeding it is!

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More food you use the more points you get, like wood in fortification event. Feeding your perch dragon(s) uses food too. Hope this helps.

1 point for every 10 food used to feed a perch or to level a dragon. You also get points for using rubies to transfer xp from expert drags to non expert dragons, but you do NOT get points for using xp potions (doesn’t make sense, but be aware of it).
Basically you do well at this event by 1) using food boosts, 2) feeding/boosting perch drag whenever it reaches 95%, 3) being active in chat, joining runs, etc. Since this is your first, I’m assuming you’re low level, so the higher less active members on your team will come on to dump food and you can be there to claim it.


what’s your question? And if possible don’t reply via e-mail, use the forums.

@froggy739 Or at least remember to delete the conversation under your reply :sweat_smile:

I have been waiting for Feeding for MONTHS because last time I wasn’t ready… Now my big bullies can level up!

I’m so~ looking forward their jump in power and a big pile of sigils afterwards :heart_eyes:


How could you stop your big bullies levelling up for Feeding event? Blasphemy :rofl:

I don’t wait for feed event for dragons I use, dragons that aren’t usable that’s their time to level up.

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Lots of self-control and they were allowed to sleep on the couch or the bed :joy: so they didn’t make too much fuss about the wait. Easy.

It’s worth it :laughing:

But really worth not feeding primary dragons? As @CheekyGrinch said, i always prefer levelling up my primary dragons. I assumed that your big bullies are primary dragons. Please correct me if i am wrong

It was just a dozen of days after getting their orb unlocked so yeah. Don’t worry about my primary Dragons, they did fine waiting a few more days for the better :blush:

If I remember correctly they had a multi event breeding fort levelling and pvp all in one event think that would be a good idea feed then breed then upgrade and finish with pvp as peviously was differently arranged in event but had 4 lots of personal achievements then team one on top of that

The big trouble with the breeding event is that it’s over 5 minutes after it starts. I had 85k tokens this time and I ran through them in minutes. Then… nothing. I suggested that PG issue superchests containing decently usable amounts of tokens, say a 1 in 100 chance of containing 1,000 tokens, a 1 in 500 chance of containing 5k tokens and a 1 in 1000 chance of containing 10k tokens. And maybe a super-super 1 in 10,000 chance of containing a whopping 100k of tokens.

After all, tokens are worth nothing to make and non transferable. That would extend the breeding season lol

That same idea could be incorporated into both the Feeding Frenzy and the Building Event with chests loaded with food and wood respectively.

It would get people out, doing attacks instead of sitting around grumbling that the Event sucks and they wish it was over!

PG thought it was a fabulous idea, but I needed to get forum support for such a change… rubbish. But there it is… what do you think of that?


In fact, I started a new thread devoted to gathering support for this idea. So don’t reply to this post, go to the Breeding, Feeding, Building thread.


Personally, I enjoy the feeding event because it gives you more time to save speeds and tokens for breeding/fort event! Also, it’s more relaxed…u don’t have to prepare for it (cuZ u can just be active and feed the perch).

Like a few others said, it’s easy to gain points. Rubies :heart_eyes:

Just don’t be stupid and don’t lvl any dragons until another feeding event.:joy: