Feeding Event Gold Chest Drops (starting 3/7)

Post your drops here!

There’s also a 1500 EE not pictured.

Seems kind of meh to me.

The only gold chests I had. Must say very happy.


Daaaang man, nice pull

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WarLord you opening gold too -.-


What’s the bet I open and don’t get any tokens?

Go Grumpy go!!!

I promised someone predictions…

I don’t remember who.

I’ll have that ready shortly. Got some RL stuff first…

Remind me how many chests. Please.

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Me! But for breeding. If u got feeding predictions also that would be great! 200 chests.

I just opened some and was thinking wow they have gotten much better lol

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Ok. Gimme a few. :slight_smile:

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