Feeding Event Kill it

I may get flak for this, but can we kill this event already? Hear me out…

We’re now into a 3 week cycle. Traditionally this event would take the place of a PVP. In order to meet the need of a PVP not being held off for a 5 week stint as was stated by PG, they will either need to just inject the event into the rotation throwing it from 3 to 4 weeks and then back to 3. I find this odd and completely destroys a cadence argument. Orrrrr, we could just get rid of (I’ll admit easy points event) a bad event. Too many people I’ve had to lecture on teams to not wait to feed divines or get dragons to breeding because of this boring event. I’m positive I’m not alone in this. I don’t know how many others feel, but that’s my 2 cents.

  • Kill Feeding event
  • Change feeding event back to leveling/feeding xp boost
  • Add feeding event to fort
  • Keep feeding event the same

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This concern has been raised multiple times in the main discussion thread. I was one of them myself.

It’s already been spoiled :stuck_out_tongue:, and Gauntlet is the one that we haven’t had for the longest anyway. Temple Raid might be the PvP event after that one, depending on where they slot feeding.

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Feeding typically happens twice a season (near the start + near the end), though that could always change. The image was just to show that’s when feeding takes place, though PGChocolate later said that five minor events in a row won’t happen… but never specified if they consider feeding a minor or not.

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They have always treated it as a major event replacement. Which is why the concern exists, but it’s a meh event imo. And I’ve seen many others with this sentiment so figured I’d say something at this point.

I truly liked it when we had it only once a quarter: flying as many dragons 3x a day as possible, hoarding XP… It was like a WDX-mas for me and my dragons (long preparation and the food is gone in seconds)

Since we have it more often, it’s not that interesting anymore.

But we still have the wars - more often than ever, - the Atlas events, the endless grinding for resources (like searching for water in a desert)…

I’m confused why people are unsure if feeding is a major event or minor one. Major events affect team ranking in team prizes and wars are disabled- does that apply to feeding? No.


Kill it or merge it with breed.


I agree, breed and feed. They go hand in hand anyway. Or cut it out completely.


I totally disagree! I really like to level all my dragons to expert. But most dragons are obsolete, meaning it’s never really worth it to attack with them. As a result, I really look forward to feeding events.

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I agree that combining feeding and breeding makes great sense. If feeding dragons was another way to earn points during the breeding event, then that would greatly improve the fun factor. My last breeding event was essentially over after the first hour. All tokens spent and no chance to get started on my next dragon. If feeding earned points, the last five days of the event would have been so much more fun.

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you will facing people raiding all the food to feed their perch and leveling up meaningless dragon then you have no food for the dragon you are actually want to get to breedable level
even in normal breeding event like as it is now, food is quite a problem because of vanguard or higher tier release

I suggest feeding to be a whole season long so everyone can feed their dragons as soon as possible and enjoy flying them on real base instead of stocking xp on xp base

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That’s a good idea too - worst part about having a feeding event is the starving of dragons for points. I haven’t used a mainline dragon since Amarok. Well, until recently. A&A kicked ass on invader base right out of the incubator.

I really think the focus should be on making the game fun. When your event is over after the first day and you can’t score any more points, it gets boring. Combining breeding and feeding is one way to improve both events. If doing that leads to a food shortage then the answer if for PG to improve the food economy during that event. PG can easily double or triple the food output from every farm.

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They did double food rate output before but I dont see it abundant at all and I doubt they will do agree to triple or more without a cost of something.
In the end you want point for reward but it is PG. they are gonna counter by allowing you to raid food for point and still end up the same reward as you only do the breeding like it is now
like now you get 100 point for using 100 token and reward 100 sigil
they will just make you get 200 point for using 100 token and feed 100 food then still reward you 100 sigil. Nothing really change beside hurting other progression

@PGCrisis @PGChocolate
I wanted to add this suggestion about Feed.
Incorporate Feed into Fort. Then you can rename event into a leveling event for both Dragons/Base.



Yes i agree on this one. But they would have hard time figuring scoring out. Or will be a glitch

Are you serious right now?

I hate feeding event. Food is already in a short supply as it is. And never can get enough on what u need.

I could agree with that. Since they have the same point structure it would be fairly easy to integrate I would think.