Feeding event....major vs minor

Just wanted some clarification on whether Feeding event is classes as a major or a minor event please.
I thought it was minor and was told otherwise.
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It’s a minor event. Feed usually occurs once, maybe twice a season. Can be embedded any time, though usually runs close to breed. I believe the timing was also due to the holiday week. With a lot of traveling, family time, etc, made sense to run a “light” event for a second week.

It’s definitely minor. It’s the exact same concept as fort (hunt for rss or use packs), and fort is minor. Feed is just typically inserted where a major event would be, making the month look like minor (breed), minor (feed), minor (fort), major (pvp, prolly pits), minor (breed).
There is of course speculation on whether next event is pvp or fort, but that’s for a different thread.

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Thank you :hugs:
My bets are on fort being next but stranger things have happened!

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Not to confuse things any more but Feeding is also a “Main” event, as it happens in the main part of the game. As opposed to “Atlas” events, which run concurrently.

So Feeding is a Minor Main event.

I dont know about major or minor, but feeding appears to be a non-pvp that often takes the place of a pvp in the usual non-pvp, pvp repeating order.

It prob has a few uses, besides just being an event, so may end up anytime.
Maybe to give a break from the pvp time requirements during busy parts of the year?
Maybe for pg to get a pulse on the state of the food economy? Prob quite a few other metrics they could use the data for.

Easy answer…

Island up = Major

No island = Minor


Ooooooh ya? Two words: assault event. Major event?
:thinking::boom: :sunglasses:

Assault is considered mini event. It never ran with full length. Just 2d before the next iteration of event

I know, just pointing out the exception to his generalization :man_shrugging:t3:

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It also was canceled we are told, so is no longer an event. Assault was also a bastardization of a former major event

Noooo I like assault and it would be a blast seeing how far a nec + ember combo would get me… Sigh…

At least for awhile it’s always been the same in when it comes.

It always takes the place of a PVP event and most the time comes after breeding but it has came before too. And usually around 6-8 weeks. So it’s usually pretty clear when will have it.

Hau and ember are more like a perfect combo. Necryx will be too easy for those Assault events

Don’t have Hau yet :cry: soon though! :crossed_fingers::+1:

It’s neither, or both - feeding seems to be the event that breaks all established patterns.
Looking back through the calendar:

  • In April and August it replaced a major event (I.e. it had breeding and fortification on either side).
  • In June and October it just interrupted the major/minor cycle, pushing the next event into the following week.

So there isn’t enough consistency to make a call on what will happen next week.


Fort - minor where’d you go? I miss you so. Seems like its been forever since you’ve been here…

Major- no wars
Minor- wars

Major- castle
Minor- no castle

Major- typically PvP
Minor -typically just build breed feed or pve

Major vs minor = doesn’t matter what’s called what honestly.

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I would like to say it is a minor event in a major event’s clothing. It occurs roughly on a major event schedule, but it is by nature a minor event.

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