Feeding event question about Xp


Does transferring of Xp include Xp pots.? @PGEggToken @PGJared


No it does not, like all previous feeding events.

It says transferring/buying XP to train your dragons; XP potions are neither tranferring nor buying XP for them :slight_smile:


It’s transferring Xp to a dragon, so they just need to put “Buying XP” because if pots are not included and you have the option only to use gems, it’s buying only.


Yet we have to click a button that says ‘Transfer XP’ to apply the xp potions.


I disagree on a technicality that you aren’t buying XP. You are paying for the privilege to transfer XP to your dragon but you don’t actually buy the XP itself, it has to be earned from other dragons still.

However what Donkey said i do agree there is a grey area there. You have to click “transfer XP” instead of “Apply XP” which would make this more of a designation.

Either way we can wait for PG to respond :slight_smile:


Once you have no more dragons expert with excess XP, you can still buy XP, just that it’s more expensive.



I guess i didn’t know that because i’ve never even transferred XP before lol


Small is a terrible slacker with no experts :smiley:


The whole premise of transferring XP is ridiculous lol. As is the idea of XP potions. Opened my gold chests trying for sigils for the Grogg discount got no sigils but plenty of food, XP potions and 100% xp boosts. Have zero need for em, if I need a 100% boost I could use a heal and run the base again. Same for the XP potions. I’m sure there are circumstances where people are glad to have these things tucked away, but as gold chest rewards, ouch.


sorry for distraction:

anyone know if the food production boost is working properly (being fixed) in the meantime?
Or will it simply be - like so many events before: that the game indicates you how much food is protected, you get raided and it´s gone nevertheless?


Unless PG has specified it to be fixed. Expect it not to be. They have a hard enough time rembering to fix every new error they make to the UI. With each new “improvement” they’ve released. I do seem to remember not receiving any protection during the last fortification event. While I had lumber production boosts active.


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