Feeding Event Question—Kirin or Amarok on perch


The only good things of him I guess :joy:
My teammates said that it’s a suited dragon.


Thanks guys starting to get there.

I’m sure that these numbers will get more and more refined as we get more data in, right now a few of these numbers are skewed because the trendline is set from data that is very close together, hence larger room for errors. The further apart the dragon levels i get (as close to zero as possible and expert) the more accurate this will be.



Here’s some more for you



Gimme your pearls - 3 perches…smh


Was a lotta gold chests last year, smh


double smh



I’ll get you a level 3 sapphire mythic after 5 pm (PT) tomorrow :laughing:

Edit: Or after my base dies in our current wars and I’ve already fed Mehatten on the perch.


Here are some lower level numbers for you guys:

Perch: 8
Dragon: Kirin - Blue - Legendary
Dragon Level: 8
Attack Power: 7,138
Feed: 5,840

Perch: 8
Dragon: Kelsis - Blue - Epic
Dragon Level: 11
Attack Power: ? Can update in 24 hours lol
Feed: 4,600

Perch: 2
Dragon: Arborius - Purple - Epic
Dragon Level: 18
Attack Power: 2,897 (so sad)
Feed: 5,360

Surprised me that the level of dragon effected feeding more than the tier of dragon (purple vs blue)



Stupid me for not upgrading the perch last fort


I will place Danzig level 24 with Tanok rider. And i will upload the pic again.



Hey guys!

  1. You guys are amazing and REALLY helping me out time wise rather than spending 24 hours to get each data point so THANK YOU
  2. If i had a wish right now, here is a list of the next few dragons i’d like to see on a perch (perch level doesn’t matter)
  • High Level Platinum Legendary (I can do in about 12 hours if nobody has already)
  • Low level green legendary (Liz is getting for me)
  • 1 high and 1 low sapphire legendary (not mythic)
  • Any Epic dragons (have zero filled out)


And if you want to see the raw data and how close the numbers are turning out when i get a high and low of each tier/rarity


Slight correction: my higher Kinnara number was from a level 4 perch, not level 2.


Oops will correct, doesn’t make a difference in this case though which is nice


I could get you the data for a lvl 1 chompa at some point :slight_smile: Edit: doesn’t get much lower than that :joy:


Here is mine with Abraxx at platinum. Have Tanok bonded if that makes any difference


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