Feeding “Event” Revamp

I’ve thought about this a lot since the event was first removed. Having an event specifically for feeding caused a lot of issues for everyone, setting people back and not emphasizing that you should train dragons as fast as you can to keep up with your increasing level, but rather to wait until one event to train and level up your dragons. My idea for a change that they could bring would be to have a feeding “event” which lasts the duration of the season with higher priced prizes that you can attain throughout the entire season rather than within one week at a time. It would solve the issue of waiting to upgrade dragons, help solve some of the complaints about prizes costing too many sigils, and I think it could really make the game experience so much better for everyone, low and high levels.


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In perspective of a f2p, I like it. However, the feeding event was based off of how much food you have to feed your dragon to level them. It’s hard for a level 50 player to get the same prizes that a level 500 player would get. Not only that, but it will put the food economy in total chaos. Feeding shouldn’t be brought back. I do like your idea though.

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@moderators feeding no go pls tell why

Actually made a similar suggestion almost 2 years ago. Of course, now I wouldn’t want feeding back as it was. Getting credit for xp gained though would be different story.


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