Feeding Event.... Should be slightly more frequent

This has probably been discussed before and I may be beating a dead horse here but @pg you need to look into it. Feeding event should be much more frequent and possibly be in the rotation of events. One feeding event at the start of the season and (if we are lucky) a second one midish season is not near enough. For your pay to play people this doesn’t really apply to them, but for the strategists who save and hoard each element to utilize the most point gains you have kicked us while we’re down. The feeding event needs to be just as often as fort or breeding there is no reason why that can’t be.


Or gotten rid of. There’s that option too.


Ugh. Please close this thread @TheRedDelilah

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Just can the whole event. Please do not make this a frequent event. At least when it’s spaced out you can level dragons somewhat regularly rather than knowing another feed is around the corner and be enticed to wait for it.


Why…? It doesn’t appear to be a duplicate.

Did you search the forums first before posting? There have been a few… no need to start another.

I didn’t make it. I don’t see the reason to tag mods for this, it’s different from the other open threads.


Feeding is just one of many events available in WD.
In terms of points, feeding is good since F2P players can get quite points if they can afford the food.
In terms of training, it’s the worst event, since foods are very rare.

It’s fine with the frequency IMO.

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Get rid of it. Go back in time and never invent it.
It doesn’t make any sense to bank xp in useless dragons or to starve useful ones, so I feed perches only.


more rewards for regular building breeding and feeding should be implemented and these actions removed from the game as separate events. Every week should be a PVP event. This “minor” events should be a regular part of the game for which we are rewarded with more achievements.


Eh I’m not for making it too frequent, but I don’t think we should get rid of it just because a bunch of spenders think it’s a waste of their precious chests lol. Which seems to be the primary complaint with this event. That and most only feed perches as all their dragons are already maxed…I don’t get how but whatever floats their boat. I’m sure I’ll have dragons to feed for years…I’ll be into emerald I’m sure by the time I’m close to leveling gold or platinum drags to expert.

Perhaps the first event of the season isn’t the best place for it, maybe the third week or one of the last two weeks as there are super sigil chests anyhow. Imo once a season is enough. Gives most plenty of time to accrue levels for irrelevant dragons and build up a healthy supply of food packs.


While I like where your head is at by adding more elements to the regular game, there needs to be off weeks from pvp so wars can be had

I’m not a big spender, and I would get rid of this event… or at best add it to breeding, as has been suggested many times.

I also mainly feed perches for this event.

I wish they would axe this event, however, chests don’t have much to do with it from my perspective. Its a horrible waste of food.

If something else was put into feeding it would be ok but the way it is now no please once a season is more then enough!

I guess my main point is I don’t understand the hate for this event…sure I don’t love it but it’s an easy event. Easy to attain points and save up for, it doesn’t cost you any items like timers or anything else. It’s a free event a season for f2play to do well in an event. If you combine it with breeding you are essentially increasing the amount of resources you need for whatever event they replace it with due to volume of whatever event within the season. You are also diluting the breeding events and feeding event prizes if you combine those two, as well as hurting the amount of points you can attain from breeding events, and also potentially restricting how many dragons you can breed and level during the event due to the food famine that would create. Food is already a little scarce during breeding, adding feeding would make it barren. See combining it with breeding isn’t as simple as it sounds. You would do more harm than good.


What else do you use food for besides leveling a dragon for which this event earns you prizes?

But chests seem to be an easily vocalized complaint but probably aren’t as important. If it wasn’t the first couple weeks of the new season I’m sure chests wouldn’t be vocalized as much. That said I know some just hate this event for no real apparent reason other than it’s boring, instead of realizing it’s just an easy event from which you can score well in. I say keep it as is, once per season, but not have it during the first two weeks of the season.

I only level the dragon/s needed for war. The others only go to breeding level as soon as I can get them there, then they are benched.

When it takes 1.7M food and 46.59M XP for one level of one dragon the available food and time go to the important ones. Not the crappy ones.

Eventually I hope these “useless” dragon tiers will serve a purpose through some other dynamic of the game. That way you can have a goal of experting all dragons without feeling like you are just wasting your time. Honestly I cap out my main dragons pretty quickly and am never in a spot where I’m frantic for food or feeling like I’m wasting it on the useless dragons. I’m also not near harbinger, like it sounds like you are.

That said there are plenty of events catered to spenders, I don’t think a couple here and there that allow many non spenders to score well is a bad thing. I know a lot of lower level and newer players seem to really enjoy the feeding event.


Who says it’s spenders who don’t like the chests? As a non-spender I would like to have an event with chest contents I want so I can take advantage of the two week discount on Aibrean. From what I have seen spenders actually often like food packs more than non-spenders.

I’m not fond of feeding events personally because it leaves me with less to do on a daily basis. I used to expert dragons for fun before feeding event was a thing. It was less mind-numbing than egg missions and gave me the chance to try out different dragons, maybe even come to like ones I didn’t think were good. Now I just feed the ones I know are good and the rest stay at breeding level until feeding then get benched forever

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