Feeding Event.... Should be slightly more frequent


Feeding event is the reason my ember isn’t lvl 1. Yes I was/am a royal dumbass but nuff said lol

Half-kidding aside, it’s the encouragement of not leveling dragons that sucks. I’m not high level or a spender so trust me I got plenty of dumbo dragons to level, so this is not a selfish opinion at all.


I don’t care if the combine it… just offer it as a consolation.

Feeding event keeps people from levelling dragons, which is silly. I always can’t wait to level them so I can try defeating better bases. No fun to keep them weak for points in an event that comes every 2 months or so… and trying to find enough food during event? Good luck.


War system has become far less an integral part to the game, and with Atlas expanding to all of platinum and higher, will all but become obsolete. Major events and Atlas PVPs can easily replace wars as the mechanism to move up or down in leagues.


Annnnd that’s the day I uninstall.


When I started joining a group, feeding event is the first event, which helps me to have decent rewards. Since I’m a F2P player, I didn’t have enough resources and my dragons weren’t strong enough to score decent points. What I could do was training my old dragons to expert level exp.

Actually, it can help new F2P player. So, if one think that he should feed his dragons only during feeding event, it’s his own fault.


I agree, pal. Or it should be combined with breeding. A lot of non-spenders and low-level players would support your opinion.


I totally agree with you.


Nice to find a neutral opinion. I’m not a spender either and leveling my low dragons during this event allows me to get good prizes.

If someone decide not to level the top dragons it’s up to him/her, same as fortification or breeding.


I do not think it needs to be any more frequent than it already is.


I just definitely don’t want to see it combined with feeding…as much as I’m a proponent for keeping the status quo, if they’re actually thinking of combining it with feeding, id rather them just get rid of it.


If by “more frequent” you mean “never again”, then I agree. This is the worst event they have. It either encourages players to hold off on leveling their useful dragons, or waste valuable resources on perches or dragons they will never use again. This event has no upside.


Food really isn’t “a valuable resource”.


how the hell do you level your dragon if you don’t think it is valuable???


this is a thread for low level for players that has not experience the sapphire wall, wait till you get there then you can come back and revisit this ridiculous idea.


Low level players are part of the game too.


They don’t need to be more often but they DO need to be moved to AFTER a breeding event so we have baby dragons to feed. At least make it MORE useful in the rotation.


An event that encourages players to hold off on leveling their dragons for as long as possible should just be done away with… At best, I am ok with how it is now. Even so it’s still too frequent for my tastes (no pun intended lol)


did I say they weren’t? your statement doesn’t even have anything to do with the topic.


Food is an extremely disposable resource that can be raided or transferred from teammates easily (outside of the event). Was just pointing that out.


I still don’t understand the hate…why isn’t there this much hate with fortification? The same arguments could be had at why you don’t level your base between those events “omg, you should level your base in between events! So you can be more effective during wars” :roll_eyes: geez just teach the lower level players to level their primary drags and build xp on non useful drags. Its not that hard of a concept and It’s so irrational I don’t understand it. The only real complaints that are viable really is when during the season they have the event or after which event it should be. It’s not like you use food for much else.