Feeding Event.... Should be slightly more frequent


On behalf of low lv players thank you thank you thank you for this feeding event. I am in gold 4 and it has been invaded by high lvs, 210,220,280s,290s lvs that me or no one my lv could hope to beat so for the little guys thank you now we have a little chance of getting some sigils


this thread is talking about inside the event…so you point seems to be invalid.

how naïve of you to think you can raid millions food during feed event, make sure you don’t loose the innocence when you finally get to sapphire level :grinning:


I’m well into sapphire…will have apophet, scorchil and probably quetz this next breeding event and I’ll have garnet over the summer…what’s your point?


:point_up:t2: So legit


You cant suggest an event to be removed just bec you think its BS or maybe you dont score good enough off of this event or you dont like farming food cuz hard or maybe You ran out of dragons to level ( which is impossible bec theres always a way to do it right :smiling_imp:)

Me personally I enjoy all events, for players who understands the perspective of the game and how to ace events even without spending or give less time playing but with efficiency still do good, i bet they enjoy most of the events, the only underlying question is how efficient do they want to participate on the event. And fortification then feeding ? Best thing ever, gives you 100+ golden chests to open next pvp :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::metal:t4:


Lol did you read the title ?? Yes it should be more frequent :+1:


Of course I can suggest whatever I want. You’re silky.

Here’s the deal: last feeding I did over 300 attacks to get food… the supply gets short… sometimes you’re lucky to grab 10k a run. By the time it was over, I was sick of the game, ready to take a long break. I don’t mind grinding, but feeding is the grindiest event there is, and the prizes for the top tiers aren’t worth that level of input…

I loved feeding when I was level 50… still had plenty if dragons that heal fast, no need for pots… but it gets old fast. Get rid of it or don’t… I don’t care. Combine it… whatever. But there are enough people that dislike it from “mildly” to “extremely” to ensure that it will never be more frequent than it is. And to that I say Hallelujah.


Totally valid, that’s a big part of the reason I wouldn’t vote to have it more frequently. The other reason is, the easiest way to do well in this event is to save up food packs, 3 months allows enough time to do that without using too many chests. Once a season I think is a solid compromise


You nailed it. I got 5 or 6 mill in food packs… not doing 300 BS attacks THIS time.


I admire your perseverance.


Eh. I don’t spend alot sooo…


Only bought elite. Not more. I dont know how much score u got for 300 atks , im curious :grin:


my point is good luck feeding them during feeding event, you don’t know how to read?


so small, so innocent …


I save up food packs so I don’t typically have an issue…plus I try to be on right when they start…if I’m not…all well


Maybe 1 or 2 prizes past 450 sigil one.


Atlas has banks. Feeding wont be of a big issue now if u have atlas.


Low level e2p here, I think this is the worst event in the game.

I’d argue it’s even worse for low-level players because of a dynamic our lineage dragons have, viz. they suck. Specifically, their spells suck; their stats can make them useful when leveled, but there’s a long road before that point. So it makes us choose whether we want a chance to do slightly less badly in this event balanced against high-levels’ stats, or whether we try to make our bad dragons slightly less bad. The useful lifespan of non-gimmick low level lineage dragons is seldom more than 10 weeks, hence the long period of the event hurts us.

Our perches are also very low since PG has decreed an embargo on black pearls for the past season, so that option’s out, too. I don’t really mind not having many; I do mind the marginally-more-useful-than-siege-weapon 225 black pearl drops in my gold chests, though.


Look you have your point of view ,and i have mine if hurt your fillings in any way by stateing my point ,i would like to take this time out an apologize - in time i will be a high lv just like you and then maybe my point of view on this forums will count thank you for taking time out and commenting


His main is well into emerald if I am not mistaken


Feeding should NOT be more frequent. It should be done away with completely.

All it does is create a false lack of food on the food economy.

Add to that the constant battling for food right before it starts, like right now, and almost 6 days of 0 food available to be raided ingame. It’s just stupid.