Feeding Event.... Should be slightly more frequent


I will say this feeding event’s prizes are a bit ridiculous. I remember getting the 450 sigil last time with well under 10m food…I mean well under…if I’m remembering correctly it was near where the 300 sigil prize is. Then again it was so long ago…can anyone confirm what the prizes were last time?

I did also transfer a bit of xp last time too so maybe that is the difference…:man_shrugging:t2:


Glad I’m not the only one noticing how low the sigil rewards are :neutral_face:


If your team has enough islands…


Not sure how anyone playing this event can think this should be more frequent.
I like taking part in events and willing to put the time into them. I’ve been on this morning and literally 50% matchmaking showing 0 food. Others showing food but I get 0 if I attack and the rest have 2k. Now I’m willing to work hard but to get 450k, 2k at a time is just impossible even if I wanted to try manage it. How is that a fun event that should be more frequent? It’s boring when I can’t even try take part until later in event.


People are just dumb and starve their main dragons, is literally the only reason they want it more often :roll_eyes: like I said before. I think the status quote is fine with once a season. Definitely not more often lol, but I don’t think it should be gone or combined either…I like being able to find food during other events lol


Once every season seems very reasonable frequency :+1:t4:


OP, you spelled “LESS” wrong in the thread title.


I’m smack dab embedded in the sapphire wall and I don’t mind this event. As I said elsewhere it’s not that hard to get to the 450 sigil prize and we still have 4 full days to go


Two reasons.

The frequency is a big part of the problem. If Fort were every 9-10 weeks instead of every 4-5 weeks, it would feel similarly annoying to me. I don’t like having a 4-6 week waiting period where my not-quite-important-enough-to-feed dragons can’t fend for themselves because I have to starve them to do well in this event. If the event were monthly like Fort, I could always keep the bench dragons viable.

The second reason is perches. By Sunday of a Fort event, wood is pretty easy to find. That’s not a thing in Feeding, since people can always feed perches. Might also be related to ppl saving up 2 months of dragons to feed vs 1 month of buildings to build.

I’d probably prefer that they just remove the event period (as long as they say they’re doing it) but it would also be an improvement if they increased frequency.



Feeding more often would just mean more event weeks getting a lower prize tier, because doing 300 attacks in a week gets old fast. You wanna see people burn out and quit playing? Have feeding every 4 weeks.


I think this we can agree on…no more frequent than it is already…secondary drags are worthless anyhow…who cares if you starve them


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